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Only signs of a parallel universe today have been excessively cheerful people all around me (Overheard the following exchange with the bus driver when someone departed my bus: "Could I get off before the lights, please?" "Certainly! You have yourself a great day!" "You too, sir! Thank you!") and the fact that my boss's boss came to me in order to find a certain obscure scientific paper in a certain obscure journal. Lo, my Google-fu is getting known even there.

I've now written three dozen pages of extremely dry reports, which made me fear for the interestingness of my subsequent ficcings (though not, apparently, my ability to make up words), until I realised I'd managed to sneak in things like: "The GEMLAM model makes several valiant attempts to mimic the observed wind patterns, but the subtleties elude it by Day Two." IN UR LABS, PERSONIFYING UR SUPERCOMPUTERS' OUTPUT.

Anyway, in honour of finally having watched Scream of the Shalka, I've got a couple of recs that are born of having scoured the interwebs at large for fic:

[livejournal.com profile] calapine has written the requisite Withnail & I crossover, Making Time (Lords)! It is made of win, truly.

There's a spectacular longer fic by Cryptile as well, which I vaguely remember reading when it was recced on [livejournal.com profile] calufrax here - it is shiny and terrible and wonderful, and it is definitely one of the best fics I've read. The whole story is suffused with the confusion and bitterness and snarkiness and hysteria that makes up REG!Doctor, and the final product is just amazing. Go read it!

My Googlish peregrinations also came up with a shiny piece of art on the BBC website here. Neat!

(You can watch "Scream of the Shalka" here, on the BBCi player, free of charge! You don't even have to be in the UK - it loads fine for me. Don't let the flash animation throw you off! Persevere! It's Paul Cornell writing for Richard E. Grant and Sophie Okonedo and Derek Jacobi!)

And now I think there should be a quotespam. What can I say? It's a quotable serial.

And there's no Pachelbel on this jukebox! )
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You guys, I have finally figured out what my job actually entails, now that the severe storm season is officially upon us. I STORMCHASE FROM OUTER SPACE!

(Well, okay, so I don't use satellite all that much as compared to radar, but there is still the rabidly following every blip and calling a bunch of random people and occasionally the mayor by accident (whoops) and giving everyone the severe weather hotline number just before their cars get trashed by hail. Which is like stormchasing! From space!)

I am a bit goofy today - 55-hour work week, though, so overtime + more than 50% of my hours either after 5PM or on weekends = shiny paycheck, hopefully. I have a 77-hour week coming up in July. This is madness!

Speaking of madness! Since I have Monday - Thursday off this week, I thought I'd kick things off by cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. This is about as exciting as it sounds, unless I have some form of audio encouragement. What do you, the viewers at home think?

[Poll #1197238]

And a note - you guys should watch Due South, for it is made of awesome. Very Twin Peaks! Very Sherlock Holmes (Fraser lives at number 221, and occasionally tastes dirt and/or deducifies someone's occupation from crazy clues)! Very strange and mood swingy and excellent! Yes.

(Have not had a chance yet to see Who - will attempt to remedy this tomorrow night!)

EDIT: Re: the above poll, it might be more helpful if I mentioned what I have actually listened to before - not that I mind listening again! I've heard nearly all of the monthly Doctor Who audios (a couple gaps in Five's era), all of the UNIT audios, the first couple Gallifrey audios, and all of the S&S audios. There.
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(Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darthcorrie for the reminder!)
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Am I a sucker for a mystery or am I a sucker for a mystery? I'm loving this series of Who so very much.

Was going to post at length about topics such as my bizarre and exciting job, pretty-boy spies, time-travelling aliens, and fanfiction and such, but it is nearly 3 AM, so that's probably not such a great idea at this point. Shortly, then!

In the meantime, have a meme! I stole it from [livejournal.com profile] wiccagirl24.

Ask me my opinion of any fannish topic. Show, character, storyline, meta issues, kerfuffle, you name it, I shall opine about it.

I would dearly like to opine about kerfuffle, just to say I did.
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This is long overdue, and does indeed serve a purpose beyond making shiny polls (hard to take, I know). I grew up in a family that watched the weather with rapt attention, mostly because my parents both happened to be living in Edmonton (and my mom happened to be toddling around outdoors, pregnant with me) when an F4 tornado ripped through the east side of the city. As a result, understanding the various risks of summer severe weather has never been much of an issue for me (especially not now that I study it for a living) - but now that there's a whole new generation of Albertans without any personal tornado history (although Pine Lake is still fresh in many people's minds), it's becoming apparent that safety awareness has fallen a few rungs on the ladder.

There aren't right answers to all of the below questions - I encourage you to answer before viewing my takes on them beneath the cut. I've turned off result-viewing, so nobody will know if you pick something that's a bit on the iffy side. These questions have been selected because they generally demonstrate popular knowledge - both myth and fact. I'd love to get a bit more information about this, and please read the section under the cut, if only to check your score. ;)

[Poll #1152652]

(Long poll is long. My apologies to your flist - let me know if you'd rather I cut it.)

The results - and I'd love to hear some of your severe weather experiences, and/or your thoughts on all this. )

Thanks muchly!
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Whew. Just got off a two-hour phone call with E. planning more stuff for the lab, which was great until I realised how low-blood-sugar I am and was resisting the urge to chuck the phone out the window and go eat my salmon fillets. Mm, salmon fillets.

While waiting for the oven to warm up: here's... here's nothing, because the anon meme thingie has died due to crazy numbers of comments. All right.

In that case, a more conventional meme-type thing! Just for you!

Comment here anonymously, saying absolutely whatever it is you'd like to say - something you've always wanted to tell me? Had a question you don't want me to know you're asking? HAVE YOU STOLEN MY SALMON FILLETS? I am officially curious. No holds barred, say whatever you like! My skin, it is thick like... like a salmon fillet. Warm up already, oven! I don't log IP addresses, either, natch.


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:26 pm
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All finished the labs - it was great fun, the kids were awesome as always, and even the volunteers lightened up a bit more. One group of girls really sort of got attached to me, since they finished the lab half an hour early and so we could just sit around and chat - they kept asking what I wanted to do "when I grew up more" (I was flattered - one group yesterday called me "old"), so I got to tell them about wanting to be a professor and such. And one of them got all excited at the prospect. Hee!

Have done my homework and discovered that the rooftop observatory on campus will be open to the public this evening for viewings of the lunar eclipse (and bonus Saturn!). Looks like a super-warm night, so I'll be there! (Anyone in the area who could watch and geek out with me? From 7:30-9:00PM? (nice timing hereabouts) No? Oh, well. I'll go alone!)

I shudder to think of the light pollution we must have, here. At least campus is close to the river valley, so there's a bit of a natural buffer there - no giant office buildings thereabouts.

EDIT: Double-checked my provincial voter's registration and am good to vote on the 3rd! I am being productive today.
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Well, that's that.  Returned my key, got the "good job, now keep in touch" talk from my supervisor, brushed up on my Italian.  This has been an amazing sixteen weeks; I've learned how to make Excel do things against its better judgment, I've met some awesome people, and I've managed to at least partly get over my crippling awkwardness around professors through the shared experience of watching a car blow up.  It's been a heckuva summer job, and if this is my first glimpse at a career in research, I want to see more!

A bit of unsolicited advice to everyone - if you ever get the opportunity to try something, even for a short period of time, that's a bit beyond your qualifications/comfort zone, do yourself a favour and give it a shot.  It can be really awkward, yeah, but sometimes it's just amazing and that more than makes up for it! :D

No longer a research assistant, then!  Just your plain old garden-variety unemployed undergrad.

Bring on year three!
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Since it's my last day at work, and my supervisor hasn't yet wandered in and told me what to do, I am attempting to translate (without using the intarwebs) a paper from an Italian Meteorology Journal that is inexplicably sitting on my desk.

...and it's working.
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...it's my last day of work tomorrow (well, today, I guess!).

I am really, really gonna miss this job.
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...yeah.  I should probably not get into the habit of using spam lines as my titles.  That can only end in tears.

So, yes!  Finally got my copy of "The Year of Intelligent Tigers" and am looking forward to lazing around this evening reading it.  If anyone out there hasn't heard of WhoNA.com, I highly recommend that you look 'em up!  Quick, polite service - shipping within hours and arrival in Canada after only seven business days - and fantastic prices.  Gold stars all around!

Okay, I'm done advertising.

Lunch with work-people was nice - we went to a diner I've been meaning to try out and discussed how hard it is to get a job in our field.  The answer is, apparently, "pretty hard", unless you want to work as a forecaster/researcher for the federal government.  Which is my backup plan (after academia), anyway, so yay!  I think I'm gonna contine with my rabid connection-making strategy, though, just to get my foot in the door.  It makes me feel a bit mercenary: "Hello, there!  Pleased to meet you!  How can you help me?"  But, y'know.  A necessary evil.
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Nothing drastic - just no big posts until Friday and the end of my history exam of Doom! Uh, with the exception of this one. Which is, of course, me getting it out of my system. So this is me. Getting it out of my system.

Rambly! )

Well, that's about it, really.  More to come at some point or other! :D  Back to the books.
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1. Fiddled around with graphs and such, waiting for the afternoon meeting.

2. Gave up with graph-related fiddling around and snuck off for fiddle-related fiddling around.

3. Sat down at the piano and nearly missed said meeting.

4. Took notes on my supervisor's one-hour What Not To Do During a Thesis Defence Examination lecture.  (Salient points: do not annoy the examiners because they're the ones with the thesis in their hands.  Do not fight with the examiners because they will beat you up.  Do not try to impress or confuse the examiners because they are smarter than you.  If the examiners start warring amongst themselves, go get some popcorn and do not interfere.  Do, however, try to make the examiners feel guilty for skimming your thesis instead of studying it, if only because it's funny.)

5. Rambled for an hour about my latest set of graphs and was surprised at the extent of squee over my findings.

6. Was offered a fantastic academic career on a silver platter.

7. Um.  Wait.  What was that last one?

Yeah.  So my supervisor and his post-doctoral student caught up with me after the meeting and offered me employment for the rest of my undergraduate career, my name on a paper that'll in turn be cited by every serious paper on hailfall in the next few decades, their support if I want to try and get a sneaky research job with the government for my internship (as opposed to the usual forecasting gig), and, apparently, a subject and supervisor for my Master's thesis.

I did a very convincing impression of something flabbergasted.

So, yes.  Yay work!  This is definitely not something I expected to happen this, well, early in my life.  Still hasn't quite sunk in yet, that I've made these awesome connections.  Veddy intimidating.

In other news, I decided to watch some Seven episodes last night, and got about halfway through "Time and the Rani" before getting fed up with Mel (just... stop screaming?  Pretty please?) and the not-particularly-competent writing.  So I skipped ahead to "Dragonfire" and enjoyed it much, much more.  Ace endeared herself to me right off the bat by dumping a milkshake over the head of an annoying customer.  (Figures that the one time I didn't want to do that to a customer, I wound up doing it by accident anyway.)  Also, y'know, by blowing things up.

I then listened to "Fearmonger" and was extremely impressed.  That was intense.  And the plot was so twisty!  *happy*

Only downside to today is that the ankle's acting up again, so I cancelled fencing as a precaution.  I don't suppose my walking on it for two hours did much to help matters, though.  Still, it feels better than it did!
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Now, because I've friended quite a few new people in the last few days (*waves*), and possibly also because I love being all meta, I'm gonna write up a bit of an update on what's going in IN ZEE MIND OF ME.  In other words, this is my blog: the abridged version, for those of you who'd rather not sort through the mess.

TV-Announcer voice: Previously, on [personal profile] eponymous_rose:

(Gosh, this post was easy to tag. :D)
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Not a lot.  I've been hardly working working hard (I've actually eaten supper at work two days in a row), but there's nobody in the office.  Um.  That's weird.  I think one guy is on holidays.  One girl, I know, always works from home.  Oh, and the other guy finished his thesis and is just waiting on some professors' comments!  It's still odd, though, to come into work and not see anyone all day.  I sort of feel like they must all be out having some sort of wild weather party, and I missed the invitation.  Heehee.

I got some stuff accomplished in terms of writing!  I dunno why I stopped for so long, there. 

This epic!fic I'm writing is gonna be a change for me - I really do like what you can do with one-shots, in terms of tight narrative and wonky symbolic tenses and backwards timelines.  Planning something this long feels weird, and even a little bit aimless, but I'm slowly wrapping my brain around it.  But it's fun, and I can bring in recurring motifs and whatnot.  Yay!

I've come up with a really twisted idea for my ficathon entry.  Woohoo!

I picked up a few music books from the library, pieces by composers I don't typically play - Liszt and Clementi.  I love Clementi's sonatas because they feel so relaxed and cheerful after all the Beethoven o' doom I've been playing lately; also, I can actually sight-read them with zero difficulty, which makes me happy.  Liszt?  I'm still a little hesitant.  I love the way he plays with different tempos (Au lac de Wallenstadt), but... *shrugs*  Dunno.  I've only played a couple of pieces, so maybe he'll grow on me.

I need to pull out my Debussy now I've got a real piano to work with.  Wonder if I can still play "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum" up to speed?  Hee.

Tomorrow's gonna be a long day - I'll be sneaking away from work for a couple of hours to practice piano and violin, then sneaking back and working like mad, and then I'll be leaving early to go for celebratory scholarship dinner with the roommates, and then I'll be running straight from there to my violin lesson.  At which point, I suspect, I'll have fallen asleep.  How awkward.

(Harry Potter's out soon!  I must use my Shakespeare-shouting-"Expelliarmus!" mood as an homage. :D)

ETA: I'm now going to listen to "The Last".  And give myself freakin' nightmares.  Whee! :D
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Yeah, I dunno.  Haven't done one of these in, oh, a few hours.  And I know I've been tagged on a few others.  I'll get to them someday! :D

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I figured that since I tend to write a bunch of random meme-like things, anyway, I may as well have some interesting questions. So here's this week's [community profile] thefridayfive, because everyone likes to feel unique! :D

1. What sets you apart from your friends?

My interest in old movies and my sometimes-overbearing cheerfulness, I guess! :D Oh, and my inability to maintain eye contact. That's always awkward.

2. What sets you apart from your family?

Not a whole lot, really. I don't drink - ever - so I guess that's something. Also, my family's known for its punctuality - obviously, I missed that boat! Heehee.  Oh, and my (relative) patience with technology.  The first time I ever heard my Dad curse just happened to coincide with the purchase of our first computer.  How mysterious.

3. What sets you apart from your coworkers/fellow students?

Coworkers? That I don't have a degree. *sadface* Fellow students? That I can sit in one place for eight hours and review the same material without taking a break. And that most days I'd much rather study than do absolutely anything else.

4. What is the one thing about you that is most unique?

I'm physically incapable of getting bored. :D It's a nice trait to have, but it means that I often feel I have to make excuses for just hanging out in my room and reading dictionaries or whatever it is I do.

5. What is your most interesting quality?

Interesting to other people? I'm not sure, you'd have to ask them. My most interesting quality to me is the seemingly random way that I'll dive into weird (and potentially not-so-good) situations. Or not. Makes things unpredictable, to say the least, though, like most impulsive things, it often backfires.

Well, that was exciting.  I hadn't memed in a while! :D

Heehee - my mood icon looks like some sort of a commercial for generic orange-coloured beverage.  THE DOCTOR AND ROSE ENDORSE ORANGE JUICE!  This is trufax.
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I woke up way too early this morning with a mind-numbingly painful stomachache (this coming from someone who didn't need painkillers after wisdom teeth removal or post-operative physiotherapy) and what feels like a skyrocketing fever (that could just be trying to sleep in a room that's over 30 degrees, mind). 

They're still calling for it to be hot and humid.  What a day to get sick.  Unless, of course, there's a thunderstorm.  That'd be okay. 

I think I'm gonna go have a big glass of water and force down a bowl of Shreddies.  And, y'know, not eat any candy.

And probably skip work again - good thing I've already finished about ten times what they wanted me to.  Just so long as I have a few dozen graphs by next Tuesday, I'm okay.  (Yup, I'm a lucky so-and-so when it comes to my job, because they actually had a set amount of work for me, which I finished in the first few weeks.  Plus, my supervisor always tells me to get out more!  Heehee.)

Ooh, read a few more Eighth Doctor Adventures!  Fitz is pretty dang awesome.

Also on the plus side, my bruises from yesterday's flight down the stairs are nearly gone.  Huzzah!
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1. Slept in.

2. Got up and started working, nearly forgot about breakfast.

3. Received a bowl of cereal and a cup of hot chocolate from roommate number one.  Said hot chocolate contained little marshmallows.  Pledged my undying love, scarfed food.

4. Gave up on actually going to the office around eleven, decided that if the supervisor's working from South Africa this week, working from home can't be all bad.

5. Squeed with roommate number two over the huge freakin' scholarship she's just won, to the tune of ten thousand dollars.  Entered definitive good-mood mode.

6. Gave up on work altogether by twelve, sought out pasta and pesto sauce, scarfed.

7. Ate enough candy to do something that sounds like a hyperbole but probably isn't.

8. Started picking away at 2,000-word chapter of epic!fic, got frustrated, wrote the whole thing from a different character's point of view and sporfled at own jokes.

9. Discovered, via the internet, how to cook with eggplant.

10. Plotted with roommate number one to festoon roommate number two's room with streamers and celebratory balloons while she was at work.   Wondered why said plot involved pretending the violin was in need of repairs, but went with the flow.

11. Dropped roommate number two at work, laughed evilly.

12. Purchased streamers and balloons, recalled childhood fear of balloons, jumped embarrassingly when two balloons popped.

13. Decorated roommate number two's room top-to-bottom.

14. Fell down a flight of stairs, badly bruising arm and dignity.  iPod unharmed, the lucky so-and-so.

15. Realized that supper got forgotten somewhere in the mess, and that, it being 9 PM, a simple chicken salad was more in order than anything involving eggplant.  Filed eggplant-related knowledge away for another day.

16. Surprised roommate number two and all was well.

17. Discovered that they're calling for a high of 33 tomorrow.  Winced and cowered in anticipation.

18. Wrote this list.  Whee!
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So!  Time for another randomly-maybe-sorta-number update!  Thing!

Also: my "giggly" mood actually makes me giggly when I watch it.  It's just so point-and-laugh and the Doctor's all "OMGMORTALDANGER... bzuh?  What?  What?"  I'm gonna watch that episode again tonight, I think.  It always appeases my inner Buffy!geek, anyway. :D


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