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This is long overdue, and does indeed serve a purpose beyond making shiny polls (hard to take, I know). I grew up in a family that watched the weather with rapt attention, mostly because my parents both happened to be living in Edmonton (and my mom happened to be toddling around outdoors, pregnant with me) when an F4 tornado ripped through the east side of the city. As a result, understanding the various risks of summer severe weather has never been much of an issue for me (especially not now that I study it for a living) - but now that there's a whole new generation of Albertans without any personal tornado history (although Pine Lake is still fresh in many people's minds), it's becoming apparent that safety awareness has fallen a few rungs on the ladder.

There aren't right answers to all of the below questions - I encourage you to answer before viewing my takes on them beneath the cut. I've turned off result-viewing, so nobody will know if you pick something that's a bit on the iffy side. These questions have been selected because they generally demonstrate popular knowledge - both myth and fact. I'd love to get a bit more information about this, and please read the section under the cut, if only to check your score. ;)

[Poll #1152652]

(Long poll is long. My apologies to your flist - let me know if you'd rather I cut it.)

The results - and I'd love to hear some of your severe weather experiences, and/or your thoughts on all this. )

Thanks muchly!
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My lab on the 15th got postponed until fall, which is in many ways a bad thing (e.g. it seems I spent the last week planning and plotting and creating clever exercises to do with fluid dynamics for nothing), but is mainly a good thing because I have two ficathon pieces due the next day. Whee!

I have been feeling an overwhelming urge to participate in Script Frenzy this April. I... haven't written anything script-related in ages and ages. It would be something fannish and probably in the vein of a radio drama, since the last thing I did write was a forty-five minute adaptation/condensation of a particularly bizarre novel (what was it? it was cracktastic and had lots of bits about "aquiline features") as a radio play, which I then recorded and dolled up with a few friends until it was all prettyful. Also, I love radio. Love it.

100 pages in 30 days definitely seems possible, though.
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Rode the bus today for an hour and a half for no particular reason (well, I got on the wrong one and then started wondering where this one might go - it eventually stopped right in front of my condo! Eventually.), and probably amassed a novel's worth of wacky anecdotes. Also, I came across a giant billboard that inexplicably proclaimed "regenerate regenerate regenerate regenerate" and so on. That was weird. Also, a place called "Casa Romana", which I will have to visit at some point just, you know, BECAUSE. Downtown is a strange and exciting place.

I also did not find a cookie jar (though I did have fun standing two feet away from a half-dozen chatting employees, looking as lost as I possibly could in the hopes of having one of 'em actually come over and ask if I needed help). Alas. I did, however, find those excellent dollar-store "Thrills" packs of gum - the ones that proclaim, proudly: "It still tastes like soap!" Mmm. All in all, a good evening, though I am now so sleepy that I can't think how to end this sentence. Just like that, then. That's good.

Programming went well, essay midterm went well (I squished the redundant "postmodernist deconstruction of terms" phrase in there, because it's getting to be a tradition), and tomorrow is less running-around-in-circles-ish.

Looks like everyone's having issues with comment notifications. I'm getting mine out of order, and every second notification or so isn't coming through at all. So before you comment, ask yourself: do you feel lucky?
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I'm just gonna. Yes. There is a reason I went around all day with a stare even blanker than my usual vacant fare, and that is because, through some fluke of neurons firing and and who knows what else, I've managed to get the top mark in the class for the Computational Physics midterm. He wrote "outstanding" on my paper and everything! This continues to freak me out.

And it's time for the badfic meme! Because it's hilarious!

The Badfic Meme

The thing is, when people look for stories, they always make it sound like badfic. Now, often that's because it really is badfic, but sometimes it's good and they just suck at describing the story.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to summarize badly any one (or more!) of my stories and I'll try to guess which it is. You could even pretend you don't remember the pairing or fandom to make it harder to guess.

This should be amusing, considering I went to check on a possible glaring mistake in "Argumentum Ad Metam" and had completely forgotten how it ended, so I had to read it again. Someday I will actually remember the plot of something I've written! Someday! :D

And! Bonus!

The Flist-Lovin' Meme (stolen from [livejournal.com profile] paranoidangel42)

Reply to this post (or to the previous meme, whatever), and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe/Probably more than three. Then repost to your own journal and spread the love.
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Whew. Just got off a two-hour phone call with E. planning more stuff for the lab, which was great until I realised how low-blood-sugar I am and was resisting the urge to chuck the phone out the window and go eat my salmon fillets. Mm, salmon fillets.

While waiting for the oven to warm up: here's... here's nothing, because the anon meme thingie has died due to crazy numbers of comments. All right.

In that case, a more conventional meme-type thing! Just for you!

Comment here anonymously, saying absolutely whatever it is you'd like to say - something you've always wanted to tell me? Had a question you don't want me to know you're asking? HAVE YOU STOLEN MY SALMON FILLETS? I am officially curious. No holds barred, say whatever you like! My skin, it is thick like... like a salmon fillet. Warm up already, oven! I don't log IP addresses, either, natch.


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:26 pm
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All finished the labs - it was great fun, the kids were awesome as always, and even the volunteers lightened up a bit more. One group of girls really sort of got attached to me, since they finished the lab half an hour early and so we could just sit around and chat - they kept asking what I wanted to do "when I grew up more" (I was flattered - one group yesterday called me "old"), so I got to tell them about wanting to be a professor and such. And one of them got all excited at the prospect. Hee!

Have done my homework and discovered that the rooftop observatory on campus will be open to the public this evening for viewings of the lunar eclipse (and bonus Saturn!). Looks like a super-warm night, so I'll be there! (Anyone in the area who could watch and geek out with me? From 7:30-9:00PM? (nice timing hereabouts) No? Oh, well. I'll go alone!)

I shudder to think of the light pollution we must have, here. At least campus is close to the river valley, so there's a bit of a natural buffer there - no giant office buildings thereabouts.

EDIT: Double-checked my provincial voter's registration and am good to vote on the 3rd! I am being productive today.
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Wanderer Fantasy still exists, my friends! It does!

But I... I have accidentally started a new longer fic. Y HALO THAR UNEXPECTED EPIC THREE AND JO. Oh, fiddle.

The difference being, of course, that I have a definite end in sight for this fic - can't see it being over 20,000 words, and I've got the first 2,500-word chapter written already. It's a mystery/adventure-type, with Jo as the companion, and features UNIT and lots of strange goings-on. It's fun and dramatic (the plot spawned during an Avengers/X-Files marathon, which makes sense), takes place between Terror of the Autons and The Mind of Evil, and I think I should be able to finish it up well before Big Bang deadlines start coming into play. Right? Right. Yes.

(Reading Week doth approacheth. When I'm not teaching sixth-graders about the Coriolis effect and/or how to blow things up in a university lab, all I'll really have to do is write. Huzzah!)
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First off, since the vast majority of my f-list is American (though I think there are... at least seven other countries represented, which is all kinds of awesome), happy thanksgiving to you all! You know I'm thankful for all of you, right? *grins*

I had my last-ever chem lab today! Ever! Aw. It totally snuck up on me, too. And the chemicals we worked with/synthesized today were, in sequence: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. It took us forever to notice that. Oh, you wacky lab coordinators! What will you think of next? But then my buret was clogged so I was the last one to leave the lab, and for some reason everyone just wandered out at exactly the same time (including the instructor?) and so I got this nice little introspective moment where I could be alone in the big lab and just sort of look at things and possibly sigh wistfully from time to time. It was dramatically appropriate!

Also: full(ish) moon today! Fun fact - when I was a kid, I would talk to the moon! It was my very best friend (my first word was actually "moon", according to my Mom). I read a lot of books on astronomy as a really teensy kid, so I knew full well that it was just a big ball of rock that was incredibly far away, but it was still a pretty awesome conversationalist. "What are the haps today, moon? You don't say!" Is how those conversations never went.

(You should've seen my face the first time my Mom said "Oh, she likes to talk to the man in the moon." It was a very confusing time, because I was quite sure there couldn't be a man up there as there was no atmosphere to speak of. I think that's when my parents realised that I might just have inherited the freak science gene in the family.)

Speaking of science! My human geography professor has started singling me out and putting me into positions where I have to debate on the side of science, which is strange because I spend so much of my time justifying the arts to my colleagues. But hey! If it means sparking debates (read: debates that I can win), I'm all for it! (I mean, yes, you need to take societal and cultural effects into account when discussing resource management. Obviously. But nobody's gonna take your policy decisions seriously unless you've got the data to back them up!)

All this rambling is mostly because I have a terrible sore throat (owing more to the cold I'm getting than the poisonous fumes of whenever-that-was, I hope) and can't ramble any other way. It is the Law of Conservation of Rambling: if one cannot ramble verbally, one must ramble in a fashion suitable to one's capacity at the time.

This post was brought to you by SCIENCE! It's what's for dinner!
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A meme I snagged a while back and am doing just for the heck of it, despite having been tagged on several others. :o

It's a ridiculously cheerful meme, because that's basically me in a nutshell.

When you see this, post ten things that recently made you happy.

1. The fact that my Tuesday class has been cancelled, which extends my weekend to four days (!!).
2. Unexpected candy! (Nom nom nom.)
3. Autumn! We usually skip it and go straight to winter.
4. Friends and roommates being awesome.
5. International film festival!
6. No homework for the long weekend, which makes my brain hurt with the sheer yay of it all.
7. The storyboard approach to fic planning I've adopted recently, leading to all sorts of artistic mishaps (stick figures, awaaay!).
8. Finally seeing (and understanding) a proof of the method of variation of parameters!
9. Convincing my atmospheric thermodynamics professor that we all need huge tephigrams to practice on, just so I can take one home and post it on my wall.
10. Realizing how many awesome things have happened in the past two days. Yay!

Okay, done with the random squee-fest.

I lie. I'm never done with the random squee-fest.

Edit: Because nobody guessed it - the "Lofty Discourse" title is just a rough translation of the Greek origins of the word "meteorology" into English. Wheehoo!


Sep. 26th, 2007 09:13 pm
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From the experimental procedure of my chem lab manual:

"You will share an ice bath with the student beside you."

How... intimate. And who says science isn't fun? Heehee.

I dug up my old lab coat and giant, scratchy lab glasses and am geekishly excited for tomorrow's lab. :D
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My mysterious interlibrary loan turned out to be the Doctor Who First Series Complete Shooting Scripts! Haha! So I grinned stupidly and the reference librarian looked at me funny and I tried to be all "Srs business research", but I think she knew the truth about my fannishness.

To celebrate, I picked up some AWESOME pizza (spinach and chicken = yum) on the way home from school and am going to cancel fencing and just get stuff done tonight.

This morning, I decided to watch some Pertwee episodes before class, but lost track of time so that my forty-five minute walk to school became a twenty-minute sprint (and I very nearly got to use "There was a dinosaur invasion!" as an excuse for being late). I figure the added exercise and the fact that I have four major projects (two midterms - human geography and chemistry - and two problem sets - thermodynamics and, again, chemistry) due in the next two days that I have yet to start... well, that rationalises missing the two-plus hours of fencing tonight. Alas.

(Yes, I procrastinate. But the fact that it keeps working sort of puts me off doing anything about it. :D)

Edit: So I just listened to the teaser for "The Girl Who Never Was", December's Eight/Charley Big Finish Audio. And, um. *whimpers*

Also Edit: Oh, $%^&^$* with &%@&* on top and a side order of #%#@. Thermodynamics prof, in adding a lovely blank tephigram for us to work with, also seems to have deleted all his problem sets, including the one due tomorrow. *grumbles* Note to self: copy these things down in future.
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Little late, but then it was a particularly busy weekend!

Things I did this week that come readily to mind:

1. Wrote a terrifying Differential Equations quiz. When you have something that's worth 10% of your mark, you don't expect to only be given fifteen minutes to do it. And when the test consists of one page with precisely one line of text at the top ((dy/dx)xsin(x+y) - xsin(x+y) = cos(x+y). Solve for y.) - brrr. Somehow managed to get the correct answer though, and therefore live to fight/differentiate another day!

2. Didn't pick up my mysterious Inter-Library Loan. I should do that today, since I haven't a clue what it is. And there is a faint chance that it could be one of those Big Finish scriptbooks I ordered, oh, two months ago?

3. Pestered my Dad into ordering the Emma Peel Megaset of The Avengers, because that show is such crack and, despite having been a rabid Avengers fan since the age of, oh, six, I haven't seen all the episodes! When I was a kid, I so wanted to be Emma Peel. Scientist, fencer, spy? Well, two out of three isn't bad. Yes. Two out of three. *shifty eyes*

4. Watched "Stranger Than Fiction", which was considerably better than I expected. And, of course, reinforced my hopeless girlcrush on Emma Thompson. I mean - look!

5. Made plans to go home over Thanksgiving, which means that if Amazon ships quickly, I should be able to steal myself the aforementioned Avengers boxset then. Mwahaha. Also - noticed that I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner with my whole immediate family in almost three years.

6. Wrote two - count 'em, two - fic(let)s set in the Third Doctor's era, one of which may be making an appearance here next week. :D Since it seems like there are about a trillion canonical potholes for me to unwittingly fall into, anyone interested in providing a quick glance-through, just to make sure I haven't made Bessie fluorescent orange or anything? There will be Internet-cookies involved!

7. Hey, if memes can skip numbers, so can I.

8. Started brainstorming for three ficathons that I will be entering - and keep reminding myself of the one fic I still haven't written, because my brain is silly. And also got some work done on WF, but it's slow going.

9. Drove our smaller minivan, which was much easier than attempting to learn to drive with The Tank. I expect that, if I ever get behind the wheel of an actual car, I may actually become competent at this! (Well, that and speed by mistake.)

10. Started looking at new... *coughs*L-A-P-T-O-P-S*coughs*. *pats current laptop reassuringly* It's lovely, but when I can't so much as run Microsoft Word every time the Virus Scan comes up... it may be time for a change. Also - no more battery life + tendency to overheat given more than an hour in the same place. And the campus electronics store has special discounts for students, so that sounds good to me!
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Shiver me timbers, me hearties, and, um, do something to the swag or maybe the other thing.



Dr. K, our nutty differential equations professor, was stuck riding the extremely slow elevator with a bunch of us undergraduates for six floors - oh, the horror! And he walked in on the middle of a conversation.

GUY: Well, I don't know. Vampires or zombies? It's a tough call.
OTHER GUY: Well, there's the whole sunlight thing.
ME: But zombies shuffle. Pretty easy to outrun.
*intense contemplation*
DR. K: This is all... for a new video game?
GUY: Nah, real life.
*awkward silence*
ALL: *nervous laughter*

The moral of the story: fighting supernatural forces of evil in a top-secret sort of way is harder than it looks.
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Yes, well. In my whole huzzah-symposium fervour, I neglected to take into account the effects of waking up too early, four morning lectures, a bad cold, midterm-like things of the tomorrow variety, and my brain generally going kersplot.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it tomorrow!
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My Human Geography course should be much fun - the professor is insanely nice and understanding ("Would you mind terribly if we cut class short ten minutes? Please?") and also places a premium on Class! Participation! Eek.

We went around the class and introduced ourselves, because despite the fact that this is a senior-level class and therefore srs business, we also get to make posters and new friends and yay! And when he got to me, my brain took that opportunity to fall out of my ear, leading me to say something random when he asked my name. I really hope I got it right - doing business with an alias, etc.

(Alternate joke for all you string-theorists: "And when he got to me, my brane took that opportunity...")

Ooh, also!

A gift for Cookies on the occasion of her birfday. )

Day One! :D

Sep. 5th, 2007 03:31 pm
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Yes, I'm overusing the LEARNINGS icon.

I had my stupid foot (as opposed to the clever one that doesn't die when walked on) bombarded with HIGH-FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION!11one! today, which was much fun. I'll find out tomorrow whether further action is necessary - my doctor seemed pretty relaxed about the whole thing, though. "If the films come back with nothing and if it still hurts in... say... two weeks, hey, I'll take another look at it." I can deal with this! Pain's going away but it's looking much less pretty. My poor footsie.

In other news, CLASSES! )

Tomorrow? My lone Arts course, Issues in Human Geography, which I have at eleven tomorrow morning. And then I can go home at 12:30. A slacker am I! :D
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Today, I:

- Sent in an online application form for the Sci-Fi club on campus that included in-jokes for Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, H2G2, and, of course, Doctor Who.

- Put the upcoming Space Exploration Symposium on my calendar and drew the TARDIS next to it.

- Worked on mah fanfictions (!!).

- Packed a textbook for tomorrow that I will not actually need (mm... meteorology).

- Spent a ridiculously long time at an online Urdu-English dictionary for no apparent reason.

- Blogged about it all.

Year three = excellent thus far. First day (and first four courses) tomorrow! :D
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Hey, [profile] megoobie posted early.  I can, too!  :D

Whew.  That was rambly.  Ramblier.  Than usual, that is.  :D

EDIT: Also - unexpectedly appropriate icon!
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Well, that's that.  Returned my key, got the "good job, now keep in touch" talk from my supervisor, brushed up on my Italian.  This has been an amazing sixteen weeks; I've learned how to make Excel do things against its better judgment, I've met some awesome people, and I've managed to at least partly get over my crippling awkwardness around professors through the shared experience of watching a car blow up.  It's been a heckuva summer job, and if this is my first glimpse at a career in research, I want to see more!

A bit of unsolicited advice to everyone - if you ever get the opportunity to try something, even for a short period of time, that's a bit beyond your qualifications/comfort zone, do yourself a favour and give it a shot.  It can be really awkward, yeah, but sometimes it's just amazing and that more than makes up for it! :D

No longer a research assistant, then!  Just your plain old garden-variety unemployed undergrad.

Bring on year three!
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Now, because I've friended quite a few new people in the last few days (*waves*), and possibly also because I love being all meta, I'm gonna write up a bit of an update on what's going in IN ZEE MIND OF ME.  In other words, this is my blog: the abridged version, for those of you who'd rather not sort through the mess.

TV-Announcer voice: Previously, on [personal profile] eponymous_rose:

(Gosh, this post was easy to tag. :D)


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