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First off - very important question:

[Poll #1136252]

I like it. Unless somebody makes me a super-awesome custom DW layout (any takers? *nudgenudge*), I'll probably stick with it. :D

Argumentum Ad Metam clocked in at just under 20,000 words (19,767) - since I can manage to write a self-contained fic of that length in one week, on top of school and work and volunteering... well, and midterms, I think I'll be all right for [livejournal.com profile] tardis_bigbang. Right? Right.

(I may go back and rewrite this one at some point - so much got cut because I was just trying to finish on time. Originally there was supposed to be another large-scale incident like the warehouse fire, and DCI Snell was going to actually get a much bigger part, but, well. What can you do?)

Went downstairs this morning to discover that my part of the fridge is mysteriously full of tupperware containers of shrimp and spinach risotto! I think my roommate got bored again - she cooks. Mmm. Unexpected food is the very best kind!

And join us over at [livejournal.com profile] legsofscience, you guys - we're rewatching "Spearhead From Space" this month, which is made of awesome! (Come on. Autons? The Doctor being overly protective of his shoes? An excellent Brig/Liz-as-Mulder/Scully scene? You know you want to join us! No previous Three-watching experience necessary, either.)
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So I just finished reading "The Domino Effect" - yet another Eighth Doctor novel.  Excellent idea, really clever and all, but the writing was a definite weak point (and, uh, characterization?  hello?) and the potential for awesomesauce sort of wound up wasted with repetitive and wonky plots from the midpoint on.  All it really did was increase my desire to read "The Turing Test".

That said, I did have a totally bizarre and extremely intense sense of deja vu at one point - the little bit where it's all let's-talk-about-Turing and he mentions that he used to plant his broken toy soldiers in the ground, hoping they'd grow back fully healed.  I mean, yes, cute image and all that, but for some reason it really hit me.  In fact, I almost fell out of my chair - though that could well have been because I have the terrible habit of putting my feet up on the desk beside my laptop and leaning too far back, and therefore tend to fall over every few minutes anyway.  Anyway!  I get the impression that I saw some cartoon as a kid that had this specific image in it, and that it made a powerful impact on lil' old me (or, uh, lil' young me).  I've got a sort of freeze-frame in my head that's all lugubrious blues and dark oranges and a hand planting toy soldiers.  What the heck was that from?  That'll bother me.

Anyway, random deja vu aside.

I bought all that junk food and then sat down at the computer and had the overpowering urge to eat an apple!  Quelle décéption!  And the plot thickens.  Will those Glosette raisins ever get eaten?  Or will they, like so many others, merely melt away in the cruel, cruel heat?  Who will mourn the chocolate-covered goodness?  Tune in next time for all the answers!  (Ooh, and the Friday Five!)
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Good news: I'm no longer sick!  I finally got to use my eggplant recipe and it was delicious!  I dragged myself out of the condo for three hours of fencing goodness (though somebody did steal our Good Try Sportsmanship Happy-Face Stamp of Power, so we were all making a special effort to be poor sports)! 

Bad news: It's currently 34.2 degrees Celsius in my room.  Generally, I prefer it to be below 22 degrees when I go to sleep.  *whimper*  I'm gonna dump a glass of water over my head before bed and turn the fan on high, right in my face.  Ick.  (Bad thing with our topsy-turvy climate - the few days when it does get nice and summery and warm, we haven't a clue what to do.  AC?  What is this thing of which you speak?)
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1. Slept in.

2. Got up and started working, nearly forgot about breakfast.

3. Received a bowl of cereal and a cup of hot chocolate from roommate number one.  Said hot chocolate contained little marshmallows.  Pledged my undying love, scarfed food.

4. Gave up on actually going to the office around eleven, decided that if the supervisor's working from South Africa this week, working from home can't be all bad.

5. Squeed with roommate number two over the huge freakin' scholarship she's just won, to the tune of ten thousand dollars.  Entered definitive good-mood mode.

6. Gave up on work altogether by twelve, sought out pasta and pesto sauce, scarfed.

7. Ate enough candy to do something that sounds like a hyperbole but probably isn't.

8. Started picking away at 2,000-word chapter of epic!fic, got frustrated, wrote the whole thing from a different character's point of view and sporfled at own jokes.

9. Discovered, via the internet, how to cook with eggplant.

10. Plotted with roommate number one to festoon roommate number two's room with streamers and celebratory balloons while she was at work.   Wondered why said plot involved pretending the violin was in need of repairs, but went with the flow.

11. Dropped roommate number two at work, laughed evilly.

12. Purchased streamers and balloons, recalled childhood fear of balloons, jumped embarrassingly when two balloons popped.

13. Decorated roommate number two's room top-to-bottom.

14. Fell down a flight of stairs, badly bruising arm and dignity.  iPod unharmed, the lucky so-and-so.

15. Realized that supper got forgotten somewhere in the mess, and that, it being 9 PM, a simple chicken salad was more in order than anything involving eggplant.  Filed eggplant-related knowledge away for another day.

16. Surprised roommate number two and all was well.

17. Discovered that they're calling for a high of 33 tomorrow.  Winced and cowered in anticipation.

18. Wrote this list.  Whee!
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Okay, so I decided to make my famous Five-Minute Teriyaki Tofu Stirfry of Power (TM).  And then I decided to tell all of you my sekrits.

I am not a gourmet chef.  In fact, I'm not even a remotely competent chef.  But I do like food!  And I like cheap food, and quick food.  All dollar figures below are in Canadian currency, if you're really that concerned about it.

This recipe is rated PG-13 for dodgy analogies.  I won't be held responsible for any injuries that occur as a result of attempting to cook this food in the order I've given.  Heehee.

Okay, I'm done with the silly.  Really, I am.
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So I finally got off my rear and hit the grocery store.

Cherries.  Huge freakin' bags of cherries.  Instead of the usual 5-9 dollars per pound, they were two dollars per pound!  I love my cherries.  I'm a very, very happy camper.

I've been getting teased lately for eating such healthy (healthful, for you grammar nerds out there) food.  Case in point: I just bought some fruit/veggie juice, tofu, bananas, bell peppers, apples, and cherries.  Can I help it if the healthy stuff tastes so dang good?

(Of course, I also bought about a billion pounds of candy to even things out.  Yay!)
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Am I the only one here who will buy a tin of black olives to munch on as a snack?  (Well, the olives, not the tin.  I like my teeth, kthx.)

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Pancake brunch-ish thing was extremely fun, and I even got a spiffy new umbrella from my favourite uncle (a side-effect of living in Vancouver, as it turns out, is that you wind up with about twenty more umbrellas than you'll ever need).  Huzzah!

En route, I stopped in at a sort of retro clothes shop.  So much love!  If I were ever to completely overhaul my image, that's the way I'd go.  If I, y'know, had money or any sense of style.  It was all ridiculously inexpensive, though, so it might be worth another quick look with wallet in hand.  Maybe on Tuesday.  I need a nice lil' hat, anyway.  And maybe a pair of shoes.

My little brother's high school graduation is next Friday - hard to believe!  Speaking of hats, he's wearing a fedora for the occasion - complete with a feather on top!  Shiny.  He got all the style in the family.  I'll be wearing my usual special!occasion black-and-red suit.  Our family's not big on dresses - my female cousin wore a tux to her brother's wedding.

Wow, I'm rambling on about clothes.  About... eight minutes to New Who.  That could have something to do with the rambliness.  Yay!
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I've found that the best cure for random feeling-downness is to have your randomized playlist suddenly boom some Beethoven at you.  Now that's angsty.  Always makes me feel loads better (after I climb out from under the desk and meekly turn down the volume).

In other news, the weather here is actually pretty constant (hush, I like to talk about the weather).  In fact, I've chosen to take it as a good omen as regards my upcoming finals:
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Let's see.  I've had a Blogger account for the last... five years or so.  I rarely use it anymore - and I spend at least an hour per day on Livejournal, wandering about and generally making a nuisance of myself in my stalkerish "Anonymouse" guise.

So here I am!


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