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(The best part of wandering into a well-established fandom is gleefully discovering all the things that everyone else has seen a million times before and being obnoxiously enthusiastic about them.)

A snippet from the TOS book I've been reading:

"Here we are," Uhura said, and dropped another tape in the read slot, hit the control. For a second nothing seemed to be happening on the stage. Then a peculiar grinding, wheezing sound began to fill the air. On the platform there slowly faded into existence a tall blue rectangular structure with doors in it, and a flashing white light on top, and what appeared to be the English words "Police Public Call Box" blazoned on the front panel above the doors.

The book is My Enemy, My Ally by Diane Duane, and I am all asquee. What can I say?

Psst - It's your last chance to get yourself a Christmas card from me! I believe there are eighteen names on the list so far (I'll check 'em twice, don't worry), and I have several cards left that are looking for a good home!

(I did forget to mention something in my little wishlist section - fanart. I love fanart! Any and all fandoms, any and all characters.)
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Decided I've been feeling a bit too grown-up recently, with the job and the bills and the apartment and whatnot, and so spent my day in pyjamas, living on chocolate milk, fish sticks and toaster waffles, and watching Doctor Who and Star Trek. Hurrah!
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Ghosts of the Living!

("Is that one of your snappy exclamations, or are you just defining what we’re up against?"
"A little of both, I suppose."

when you see this, post a random quicky MM exclamation in your lj.
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Have started listening to Petherbridge!Holmes's version of "A Study in Scarlet"! It's excellent, definitely, though I keep getting thrown off because I seem to have learned the Merrison/Williams version word-for-word at some point. Ahem. ("Do you think he might be... addicted to something?" "He seems like a perfectly healthy dog to me!") But yes, Watson has fun inner monologues over Holmes's long ramblings. And Holmes keeps barging in on poor sleepy Watson to tell him about, um, burning human skin and things.

It's always fun to see what they do with the whole "Sherlock Holmes: His Limits" list, because that is Not An Easy Thing to get across in audio. The Coules approach was to have Holmes read it beforehand when Watson fails to totally burn it, and then to launch into a non-sequiturish recitation of it, complete with violin-type accompaniment, while Watson just goes "...Holmes?" Can't beat that. The bizarre dream sequence in this version is pretty neat, if a bit on the expositiony side.

And now for my usual plug of the Merrison/Williams audios:

I relistened to "The Lion's Mane" (had to have another listen because I totally missed the Man from U.N.C.L.E. in-joke the first time around. I have to listen again to the one with Tom Baker, too!), and that right there is why I love the Coules audios so much. They are, and I don't use this word lightly, perfect. Practically perfect in every way. Even a story that is not exactly sparkling in canon becomes amazing (but then, I adore two-handers - of course, the only other one I can think of at the moment is Scherzo, which is also spectacular).

The fact that there exists a complete full-cast Holmesian canon, with an excellent budget, phenomenal writers, a marvelous supporting cast (Dame Judi Dench!), and the two most brilliant principals you could possibly hope for - well, I absolutely cannot recommend it enough. If you're a Holmes fan and you haven't listened to these, you're missing out on something incredible. If you're not a Holmes fan and you haven't listened to these, you're still missing out.

...I think this would be some bottled-up Holmes geekiness, there. Blame Bert Coules and Steven Moffat for arguing about Watsons on the OG that one time.
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(First off, I've gotta put on my hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn face, because there are kids. On my lawn. Drinking and smoking and carousing and whatnot. On the plus side, they're all lightweights enough that they're walking into trees, and it's only 11 PM. I anticipate lights-out by midnight. But are those... are those bagpipes I hear on the horizon? Uh-oh.)

Halfhearted grouchiness aside (they do look funny when they bump into trees, after all), a proposition! I would love to try my hand at podfic - that is, recording a fic as a podcast of AWESOME ([livejournal.com profile] flo_nelja, j'ai aimé tant "Eclats de lumière" que je suis bien tentée de la podficcer comme exemplaire de mes, euh, "talents". ;) Içi, il n'y a personne avec qui je peux converser en français (misère que cette ville est presque totalement Anglophone), et j'aimerais bien ne pas perdre ce que j'ai acquis en étudiant la langue. (Ben, ça fait trois ans déjà depuis que je l'ai étudiée, mais j'espère que je ne suis pas totalement incohérente...) L'opportunité! Je ne peux pas l'ignorer. Je serais probablement trop gênée pour le poster en fin de compte, mais ça me ferai du bien de l'essayer, quand-même! Mais, bien sûr, je le ferai seulement si ça te va!).

The primary obstacle? I am so horribly microphone-shy. Seriously. I babble and babble and then you put a mic in front of my face and I get all wibbly and can't make a sound much louder than a whisper.

So! An exercise to stop my stammering and mumbling.

Voicepost Meme of Doom

Ask me a question - any question! - and I'll reply in a voicepost. Fannish! Nonfannish! Ask me to say your favourite nonsense sentence! Ask me why it takes forever for me to reply to memes! ([livejournal.com profile] persiflage_1, I will someday get to the one you tagged me on! *winks*) Test the limits of my awesome Canadian accent! For bonus marks, ask me to reply in French! (Seriously, do. I don't get to practise nearly enough because nobody speaks it here, and it's been three full years since I was in Immersion and I need to work on my accent liek woah. Also, it'd be amusing!)


Feb. 20th, 2008 02:26 pm
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All finished the labs - it was great fun, the kids were awesome as always, and even the volunteers lightened up a bit more. One group of girls really sort of got attached to me, since they finished the lab half an hour early and so we could just sit around and chat - they kept asking what I wanted to do "when I grew up more" (I was flattered - one group yesterday called me "old"), so I got to tell them about wanting to be a professor and such. And one of them got all excited at the prospect. Hee!

Have done my homework and discovered that the rooftop observatory on campus will be open to the public this evening for viewings of the lunar eclipse (and bonus Saturn!). Looks like a super-warm night, so I'll be there! (Anyone in the area who could watch and geek out with me? From 7:30-9:00PM? (nice timing hereabouts) No? Oh, well. I'll go alone!)

I shudder to think of the light pollution we must have, here. At least campus is close to the river valley, so there's a bit of a natural buffer there - no giant office buildings thereabouts.

EDIT: Double-checked my provincial voter's registration and am good to vote on the 3rd! I am being productive today.
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A meme I snagged a while back and am doing just for the heck of it, despite having been tagged on several others. :o

It's a ridiculously cheerful meme, because that's basically me in a nutshell.

When you see this, post ten things that recently made you happy.

1. The fact that my Tuesday class has been cancelled, which extends my weekend to four days (!!).
2. Unexpected candy! (Nom nom nom.)
3. Autumn! We usually skip it and go straight to winter.
4. Friends and roommates being awesome.
5. International film festival!
6. No homework for the long weekend, which makes my brain hurt with the sheer yay of it all.
7. The storyboard approach to fic planning I've adopted recently, leading to all sorts of artistic mishaps (stick figures, awaaay!).
8. Finally seeing (and understanding) a proof of the method of variation of parameters!
9. Convincing my atmospheric thermodynamics professor that we all need huge tephigrams to practice on, just so I can take one home and post it on my wall.
10. Realizing how many awesome things have happened in the past two days. Yay!

Okay, done with the random squee-fest.

I lie. I'm never done with the random squee-fest.

Edit: Because nobody guessed it - the "Lofty Discourse" title is just a rough translation of the Greek origins of the word "meteorology" into English. Wheehoo!


Sep. 26th, 2007 09:13 pm
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From the experimental procedure of my chem lab manual:

"You will share an ice bath with the student beside you."

How... intimate. And who says science isn't fun? Heehee.

I dug up my old lab coat and giant, scratchy lab glasses and am geekishly excited for tomorrow's lab. :D
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Today, I:

- Sent in an online application form for the Sci-Fi club on campus that included in-jokes for Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, H2G2, and, of course, Doctor Who.

- Put the upcoming Space Exploration Symposium on my calendar and drew the TARDIS next to it.

- Worked on mah fanfictions (!!).

- Packed a textbook for tomorrow that I will not actually need (mm... meteorology).

- Spent a ridiculously long time at an online Urdu-English dictionary for no apparent reason.

- Blogged about it all.

Year three = excellent thus far. First day (and first four courses) tomorrow! :D
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Oh, dear.

I'm just starting on "The Sleep of Reason", yet another Eighth Doctor book, and I get to the fencing match.  Yay fencing!

But then the author clearly states they're fencing with épée (and, indeed, some of the hits could only possibly count in an épée bout), and then goes on to reference priority rules ("clearly out of time... no way her attack was going to count").  So close!  No priority rules in épée, I'm afraid.

Being a fencing geek is really, really depressing, because it's so rare that someone gets it right.  Now, is it that latest Bond fencing scene I'm thinking of, where they're very obviously fencing épée, but wearing lamés?  I know, I know, nice, shiny material looks good on screen.  But why not just fence foil?

... *clambers off soapbox*

But yay fencing!  Seven years of épée, and I still get all excited whenever anyone references my weapon. :D
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Doctor Who, cats, weather, and music.

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Nothing drastic - just no big posts until Friday and the end of my history exam of Doom! Uh, with the exception of this one. Which is, of course, me getting it out of my system. So this is me. Getting it out of my system.

Rambly! )

Well, that's about it, really.  More to come at some point or other! :D  Back to the books.
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First lesson was fantabulous today!  Fortunately, instructor was smart enough to suggest we go for supper at the mall on campus beforehand so as to get all of the chattiness out of our systems.

And there was chattiness.  Turns out he's a total new!Who fanboy (I recommended Four to him), a Whedon fan, veddy into Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams and all was good.  He later lent me seven novels from his "library", with the promise of more to come once I'd finished these. (!!)

The lesson itself was excellent - turns out I taught myself all right using the internet.  That is to say, I could hold the bow after only ten minutes of patient instruction.  We screeched our way through the G scale, and he told me that since I have such an extensive musical background, he'll expect me to pick it up much faster.  In fact, he assigned that I teach myself "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the key of G as homework - and work out the A scale.  Apparently I have a good ear.  *winces* This sounds like hard work.  But fun!

I then displayed my piano skillz on the horribly out-of-tune piano and he somehow decided that I was an acceptable accompanist.  Looks like I'll be playing at a big concert some time this winter.  *shivers*

It looks like I'll be able to fudge my way through the tutoring-vector-algebra bit.  Phew.  (I very cleverly sold the textbook back last year and have no other material on the subject.  Urgh.)

Summer = on track.  The superstitious bit of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The not-so-suspicious bit of me is contemplating various ways to hit the superstitious bit of me with heavy objects.

Also: I finished the four months' worth of work my supervisor laid out for me.  He's away until Monday.  I guess I'll just keep prettifying the Excel spreadsheet.  By the time he sees it, it'll be sparkling!


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