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Based on the number of people I've spoken to recently who would love to visit their flist but haven't the means/opportunity, I've teamed up with [livejournal.com profile] wondygal, [livejournal.com profile] rosa_acicularis, and [livejournal.com profile] tigerkat24 to create a community where you can do just that.

[livejournal.com profile] tardis_view - the idea is to provide a tour of your hometown/neighbourhood/country through whatever media you choose, be they picspams or short videos or descriptive narratives. It's like a TARDIS for us fans, giving us a bit of a chance to see the world with less in the way of hassle. Even if you're not going to provide a tour, you're more than welcome to come aboard as a companion, to see the strange places we all hang out.

Check out the profile for more information!

Tell your friends!

Edit: I should clarify that it's not limited to Doctor Who fans. All welcome!
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Aha!  I have returned!

We drove for nearly eleven hours yesterday (blame that on our - obviously unreasonable - assumption that a large city wouldn't have every single hotel booked by 4PM), and the hotel we did manage to find some two hours later suffered from Loud Pipes Rattling Syndrome.  Leetle zonked as a result, but what else is new?

No, really, what else is new?

I puttered away at my ficathon entry, and it's really not being nice to me at all - there are about five lines I actually like in the whole mess, and I had to cut them from the first draft because the plot made no sense at all.  Grr.  I think my problem lies in trying to incorporate four incarnations of the Doctor without having it be a multi-Doctor fic.  *brain done asplode*

Latest chapter of WF's coming along, though, as is the (substantial) edit of chapter three, which made me so happy I spontaneously bannered.  Because it's what all the cool kids are doing these days:

I was all "hey, I need a picture of Rose, the Doctor, the TARDIS and possibly snow".  Thank you, Tragical History Tour!

Oh, and on the way home we passed a certain small town where they were shooting one of my favourite TV shows, which made me squee unabashedly.

Okay, so I got way too excited about that.  But when you've been driving across Saskatchewan, you can use some UNEXPECTED AWESOME.

I'll start replying to stuff/e-mailing stuff/posting requests for stuff(?) tomorrow, I think.  Today/tonight, I'm gonna settle in with some audios and reeelax.

Besides, it's raining too hard for me to paint that fence.  Heehee!
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Gack.  I am dead from love of Iowa.  It's so much greener than I expected, and every single person ever seems to be going out of their way to be nice to the crazy Canadians. :D

My brother's place is absolutely amazing - a beautifully restored Victorian set of apartments, all prefurnished with overstuffed chairs and dubious wall-hangings of unknown origin.  The city's awesome, with lots of neat old buildings and a trolley and such.  But the brands of food are all different!  We went shopping and had to squint at every item instead of looking for the familiar colours.  (Mah pink cream soda!  Where is it?)  Amazing place, though - I'm sorry to be leaving so soon!

The only issue, of course, was getting the phone and internet up and running - but even that seems to have been resolved by rebooting for five hours straight, which is good because that's about the extent of my tech support skillz.

Alas, since we're leaving tomorrow and on a bit of a tight schedule due to Mom's work only giving her a week off, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be having any time for visiting Internet friends this time around - but hey!  At least now I have another excuse to come back again! :D  And I shall wave like a crazy person when we pass any of your places of residence!

In unrelated news, I finally read "The Gallifrey Chronicles".  My spoiler-free thoughts are is: BEEZ?

I've also decided to listen to all the BFAs from start to finish and am happily progressing through "The Sirens of Time" as we speak.  Well, as I type and you read.  Or, y'know, skim.  Or something.

Ooh, I hear thunder.  Better go.
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So I just installed Pokemon Diamond on my laptop.


That said - oh, yes!  I'm about to embark on a really long car ride, to Iowa and all interesting points en route.  I was thinking of rushing the third/fourth chapters of WF, but decided against it for the sake of my future self's sanity.

I'll be out of town until a week from Sunday - that's the... 26th?  I think so, yeah.  I might have Internet - but then, I might not.  Apologies to everyone I neglect in my absence; expect a bunch of totally irrelevant and outdated posts/replies when I return!  And possibly pictures of our Great American Trek Part II (Electric Boogaloo).  And, of course, more of WF, all nicely edited! :D
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Nothing drastic - just no big posts until Friday and the end of my history exam of Doom! Uh, with the exception of this one. Which is, of course, me getting it out of my system. So this is me. Getting it out of my system.

Rambly! )

Well, that's about it, really.  More to come at some point or other! :D  Back to the books.
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Now, because I've friended quite a few new people in the last few days (*waves*), and possibly also because I love being all meta, I'm gonna write up a bit of an update on what's going in IN ZEE MIND OF ME.  In other words, this is my blog: the abridged version, for those of you who'd rather not sort through the mess.

TV-Announcer voice: Previously, on [personal profile] eponymous_rose:

(Gosh, this post was easy to tag. :D)
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I'm seriously considering taking a week next February (the one where we don't have classes) to do a little bit of travelling.

I've got a bit of money saved up, and I think I could actually come up with enough to stay at an okay hotel for six nights, wherever it is I might want to go (within reason, of course) and still have spending money left over.  I've also got about a billion air miles saved up, so I might be able to squeak through without airfare, either.

It'd probably have to be somewhere in North America, but I can live with that.

I'm getting all excited and looking at hotels all over the place and whatnot.  Considering the fact that the last place I travelled to 100% solo was Osaka, and I was sixteen at the time, I'm not particularly worried about getting all the accomodations and connected flights sorted by myself. 

I'm thinking possibly San Francisco (never been to California, and my parents love that city to death and never ever stop talking about it).  Somewhere I've never been, anyway!

And yay!  Got the SCENE OF DOOM completely written!  Now there's just... one... two... two and a half (ish) more scenes.  Shouldn't take more than 2,000 words to finish this chapter up.  And I'm finally pleased with it again.  Yes!  *dances*
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Yeah, I dunno.  Haven't done one of these in, oh, a few hours.  And I know I've been tagged on a few others.  I'll get to them someday! :D

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Well, all attempts at a good night's sleep were thwarted by an early-morning call from the restaurant I worked at last summer.  Despite my paranoia, they weren't calling for me - one of my roommates had applied for a job there.  Phew.  No more kitchens, kthnx.

On the plus side, I've got work tomorrow, so I'll be forced to go to sleep early-ish.  Huzzah!

If the bus company ever stops putting me on eternal hold, I'll book a ticket back to my parents' place for the brother's grad.  Seriously, what kind of company puts you on hold when they're closed?

Of course, they do give you free bags of cookies on the bus.  I'll forgive anything for cookies.


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