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Because I do these for all my fandoms, eventually, have The Epic Mass Effect Introduction Post! Mass Effect was sort of my gateway gaming experience, and I finally got into it after seeing a post on my flist, so hey, maybe someone else is just waiting for an excuse?

Okay, and also I wanted to do something geeky for Pi Day. Happy 3/14! Well, belatedly, because it took me longer to write this up than anticipated.

Mass Effect is a trilogy of sci-fi games for the Xbox, PS3, and the PC (I've only played the PC versions of all three) - the first came out in 2007, the second in 2010, and the third just came out last week. It's produced by Bioware, a Canadian video game developer that I first heard about via its employees doing an awesome smack-down of someone on the forums complaining about the same-sex romance options in their games. So that's a plus. (Note for Dragon Age players: yeah, Mass Effect does better than nearly any other sci-fi game I've encountered when it comes to acknowledging the existence of queer and/or female gamers, but that's not saying much. Expect a bit of a step backwards on that front, though the games do eventually stagger into the 21st/22nd century.)

Logistics-wise, Mass Effect is a cross between an RPG and a shooter, with its primary focus being interactive storytelling. Being someone who rarely has the patience for RPGs, and who finds shooters boring as heck, the way I latched onto this game surprised me. Generally speaking, you wander around the universe in a more-or-less free-form exploratory way, you stumble across plots, and you eventually find your way back to the overarching story. Whereas most games would have dialogue cutscenes between battles, the Mass Effect games keep it interactive throughout - so you can decide how your character responds to any given query, probe for more information, be sarcastic or sympathetic or totally uninterested, have your character get romantically involved, and occasionally make massive, galaxy-shaking decisions. Those decisions (and your user-created character) carry over from game to game, and affect your gaming experience in a variety of ways. Essentially, the game adapts to your decisions.

So it's up to you: should you be someone who upholds the law at all costs? Someone who does whatever it takes to get the job done? Someone who spends all their time (and credits) buying new fish for their fish tank? The choice is yours!

(This is a more-or-less spoiler-free intro! That took some doing, let me tell you.)

The Epic Mass Effect Introduction Post, or: what the heck have I been on about this past week )

Okay, for all the gentle mockery up there, I really do think this is a seriously impressive trilogy of games - especially given its sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor - and I'd be thrilled to see more friends giving it a shot. Don't take it from me - the first game had great reviews, the second won Game of the Year, and the latest game in the series has received perfect scores from something like 50 big-name reviewers, so far. Bioware is pretty darn good when it comes to listening to the fans and making the right changes. So if you've ever wanted to tool around the galaxy in your own ship, now's your chance!

But, you know, make sure you have the time. It took me a while to get into the first game, but without even realizing it, I got completely sucked in. Even if you just blast through and only do the main plots and ignore most conversations, you're still looking at about 60 hours for all three games. Taking your time, it's more like 100 hours (it's like... three seasons of a TV show). And because of all the decision trees, there's a ton of replay value. And ME3 has a new multiplayer mode that's a lot of fun as well. And there's the downloadable content for extra gameplay. Er. Yeah. It's a lot of great stuff.

The cool thing is that the first two games are often on sale via Steam (all you have to do is install the Steam platform, find the game you want, make the purchase, and it's yours to download whenever you want - I often have to uninstall and reinstall due to disk space issues, and I've never run into trouble). I got the first and second games for $15 total. Given how many hours of awesome that works out to, that's a pretty sweet deal. Full-price, they're $20 each, which is still a fantastic deal. The third game just came out, so it's still expensive (and only available to download via Origin, which is EA's answer to Steam), about $60, but it should come down in price fairly soon.

And with that, I will finally stop typing. Whew. If you know folks who might be interested in the game, feel free to send them here! If you're already a fan and have spotted the many mistakes I've made in this post, please do point them out. Or just point and laugh. That works, too.

I should go.
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Because I had one of those days that ended in unexpected awesome, I figured I'd try to return the favour. What follows is a bunch of random stuff, grabbed from tumblr (not hotlinked, of course, and with credit, of course, so you can trace it to its awesome, awesome source!). Basically, think of it as a massive reblog. It should be noted that my approach to tumblr, until recently, has been to (a) look at it in abject confusion and (b) be too embarrassed to ask someone how to make the pretty pictures appear on my computer screen. My dramatic discovery of the search box will doubtless make all the history books.

Since there are approximately twenty quadrizillion amazing Doctor Who images on tumblr, I thought I'd stick to some of my smaller fandoms (weighted a little more heavily on the DS9/B5 side of things), give 'em a bit of love. The images are whatever happens to catch my eye in the next hour or so. There may be spoilers. There will definitely be awesome.

(gifs under the cut - dial-up users beware!)

Random fannish picspam, awaaaay! )

Okay, that's probably enough silliness for now. Back to your regularly-scheduled Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or, if you're a time-traveller, October.
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I've been a bit out of commission lately due to endless deadlines and uncooperative code ([livejournal.com profile] ds9_rewatch, I won't miss watching this week's episode with you folks for anything!), but somewhere along my B5 rewatch, something clicked fannishly, all at once. Now I am at that stage where I just want to flail happily at random passersby. Since actual random passersby tend to look at me funny when I start talking space stations, you're it.

So! Babylon 5. Season three. How awesome is season three? It is like an awesome sundae with lots of whipped awesome and a maraschino awesome on top. Of awesome. That is pretty much all I have to say, but I will be repeating that statement in the form of a picspam of the mid-season arc ("Severed Dreams" is still my favourite thing ever) and other assorted gleefulness. This show is considerably better the second time around, especially knowing that all five seasons were plotted out from the beginning. I don't know, it's a different mindset, right? When you know plots aren't going to be dropped, and little throwaway lines are going to come back to haunt you, it's kind of addictive watching how it all comes together. I still haven't quite managed to wrap my head around the whole "War Without End" episode, because whoa, most ridiculously amazing continuity. So shiny.

Also, be forewarned: I got unexpectedly shippy this time around and kept wanting to draw little hearts around Sheridan and Delenn every time they were on screen together.

How so cute?

Anyway. Random mid-season three pic/quotespammery. )

Also! Fanvids. I love fanvids. Have some fanvid recs.

People Help the People by RuthIsHiding - I would have completely missed this one because I don't usually go through YouTube looking for fanvids, but I happened across it by accident and am very glad I did. It's desperate and angry, much like the show at its darkest. Very, very sleek in terms of editing, which is always a treat in older fandoms. You might want a more cheerful chaser afterwards.

Apocalypse Lullaby by [personal profile] icepixie - this is just an awesome fanvid that came out comparatively recently and sparked a lot of B5 nostalgia among people who hadn't seen the show in ages. It's lovely and has a lot going on beneath the surface. It's also indirectly responsible for my finally watching the show, so I love it for that alone.

Dancing in the Light by Barkley - because it's hard not to sound incredibly depressing while summing up this show (I mean, "There's a war, and another war, and then so-and-so has a tragic fate, and oh, look, another war"), but it still has knock-knock jokes and teddy bears in space and Londo action figures and singing and lots of hugs and a wonderful undercurrent of hope. ♥ This is an awesomely upbeat vid, and it's a lot of fun.

By Your Side by Barkley - because I started shipping Delenn/Sheridan a ridiculous amount this time around, and this is an excellent Vienna Teng fanvid devoted to them that doubles as a bit of a Delenn character study. Bam, done. This does an awesome job of conveying the epicness of the whole show - I mean, all things considered, we see a substantial portion of a 35-year period (flashbacks ten years, flashforwards twenty years, five years in between), and that's a lot of history to cover. This conveys that epic feeling so, so well.

Once again, totally new to the fandom, so any and all fic/vid/whatever recs would be amazing. In case it wasn't obvious from the above, I am a Delenn fangirl, and also adore Ivanova, but I will read any characters or pairings, and also no longer fear spoilers. ♥
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[livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking happened! I failed quite a bit at getting stuff written this year - I think only two fics got finished and posted - but I've tried to run around and leave warm wishes in everyone's stockings I could find. ♥

Amazing things appeared in my stocking that I must share with you all, so you can join me in telling these people how awesome they are:

[livejournal.com profile] yamx wrote me an awesome Doctor Who ficlet detailing Amy and Eleven's encounter with a certain figure of historical note.
[livejournal.com profile] merfilly wrote me a pitch-perfect M*A*S*H ficlet featuring Charles and Margaret after the war.
[livejournal.com profile] cosmic_llin wrote me a spectacular Deep Space Nine ficlet that highlights two of my very favourite subjects: Kira Nerys and storms.
[livejournal.com profile] lindenharp made me a Most Excellent icon featuring Team Tardis Version Eleventy.
[livejournal.com profile] taraljc made me an assortment of fantastic TOS!Bones icons that make me want to rewatch the show right this very instant.
[livejournal.com profile] paranoidangel42 wrote me a wonderfully plausible Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1 crossover ficlet, in which Teal'c meets Eleven and awesomeness ensues.
[livejournal.com profile] tree_and_leaf wrote me a fantastic Deep Space Nine missing scene for The Siege, featuring Kira.
[livejournal.com profile] tassoss wrote me a fully-fledged and spectacularly awesome Due South fic in which Ray K. and Fraser are at the Vecchios' for Christmas, and an unexpected guest comes for dinner.
[livejournal.com profile] shinyjenni wrote me a wonderful Doctor Who ficlet in which Martha and Liz talk about the moon, and I am reminded of why I love this show so very much.
[livejournal.com profile] glinda_penguin wrote me a spectacular SG-1 ficlet (with accompanying image), in which Teal'c and Sam are on a road trip in Germany.

And there were many well-wishes that were extremely happy-making. Thank you, everyone, and happy 2011! ♥

On the topic of happy stuff, have a couple amazing Star Trek images I came across on tumblr: cut because I will likely botch the HTML and make them huge the first time )
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I think it's time for another DS9 picspam/recap! Previous DS9 picspam/recaps include: Civil Defense and An Introduction to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This time, I went with a particularly cracktastic episode that's all the weirder because it's sandwiched in the middle of season six, which is full of such happy, cheerful, up-the-body-count tales as In the Pale Moonlight and The Sacrifice of Angels and Valiant.

Yes, folks, I'm talking about One Little Ship, the episode that is inexplicably enjoyable despite its silly, silly premise. Picspam and (loving) commentary below is SFW, but probably not safe for dialup.

In which our heroes have a Magic School Bus moment, Worf dabbles in poetry, everyone gets the giggles, and Julian is mostly just there to make bad puns. )
As a bonus: Memory Alpha informs me that this episode was known as "Honey, We Shrunk the Runabout" behind the scenes.
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My main contribution to the first-ever Day of Not-Classic Trek!

This has been a long time coming, but I know there are a bunch of people on my flist watching for the first time and I can't resist the urge to try and draw some more folks into this latest round of squee. Whether you've seen every episode a dozen times, whether you vaguely remember getting bored with the show as a kid, whether you cringe at the mention of all things Trek, whether you're wondering what that RDM fellow was up to before BSG, whether you're not even particularly interested in sci-fi, I hope you'll give this post a chance! If nothing else, it's a bunch of pretty pictures to kill a few minutes, and hey, you just might find a new fandom in the process. ;)

The following should be mostly spoiler-free, obviously, but by necessity I'm going to have to talk a bit about stuff that happens either in the pilot or in TNG (most notably "The Best of Both Worlds"). I promise not to destroy the viewing experience for you, and also not to cackle gleefully if I manage to do so by accident. Honest.

Deep Space Nine was the third live-action Trek series to air, long after The Original Series (featuring Kirk and company) and semi-concurrently with The Next Generation (featuring Picard and company). It's generally seen as the black sheep of Trek, in that it deals with darker subject matter, focuses more on relationships and the development of even comparatively minor characters, cheerfully undermines the idea of the Federation as Utopia, is far less episodic in nature (think seven-parters with each episode ending on a cliffhanger), and revels in putting its characters in morally ambiguous situations. Also, it's set on a space station rather than a starship, so our heroes can't just warp away from the conflict du jour, and have to deal with those pesky consequences.

That said, it also features the most awesomely elaborate shout-out to TOS, a James Bond episode, and that one where Sisko and his crew play baseball against a team of Vulcans.

Deep Space Nine: Boldly parked where no one has parked before. The sheer volume of pictures under the cut will murder your dial-up connection. Murder it. )

Note: screencaps are almost all by yours truly, and if you'd like to snag them for whatever reason, let me know and I'll rustle up a bigger version for you.

If you're on my flist and aren't sure where to find DS9, this post is also relevant to your interests. If you're not on my flist, new friends are always welcome. :)
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This time, you get a kinda random favourite of mine: season three's "Civil Defense", in which the station has the most needlessly elaborate anti-Bajoran-revolt gameplan ever, lots of stuff blows up, Odo and Quark get locked in a room together, everyone faces imminent doom, and Garak and Dukat finally get to bicker face-to-face. What's not to love? The following picspam is a little Dukat-heavy, because hey, Dukat. It's also a ridiculously massive picspam, not safe for dialup.

Let me guess: someone tried to duplicate my access code. )

Well, that was longer than I expected. If you're getting sick of all my DS9 posts, um. At least I'll be posting a "Beginner's Guide"-type picspam soonish?
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Anyone ever wonder how many sci-fi stars were on MacGyver at one time or another? (hint: it's more than just the one) Clearly this calls for a picspam! An advent calendar-ish picspam!

I'm not so good with faces, so there are just the stunningly obvious ones I picked out and could remember off the top of my head, but we've got a bunch of shows represented, here! Three Treks, Stargate, Twin Peaks, Babylon 5... it's zaniness! What did they look like then? What were they doing? Did anyone else get struck down by the Curse of Fatal Mullet?

Find out under the cut! )
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Oh, right! I should maybe actually post that picspam I mentioned.

Not particularly organized, so it’s basically just a squeefest with a bunch of SG1 behind-the-scenes shots, promo shots, and/or wacky screencaps that amused me. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The following happy-making picspam contains bits and pieces from all ten seasons, and is also somewhat weighted towards O'Neill, because I am predictable that way. )

As always, feel free to link hither and yon! Or thither, even, if you can swing it.
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So I've got this really big post for you folks coming tomorrow, but it's occurred to me that, what with one turkey dinner and another, it might be a little late. Here's something to tide you over:

Yes, it's a Stargate SG-1 Hugspam! This only covers the first eight seasons - not that I'm not madly in love with Vala and Cam and all, but seasons one through eight are all nice and self-contained and hey, it's your requisite daily dose of Original!Team love. I'll do another for the last two seasons, I'm sure.

The inspiration for this? Hugs are awesome! During my rewatch, I got to thinking that SG-1 must contain a truly ridiculous number of hugs, and then I got to thinking that it would be pretty awesome to have a big chunk of them compiled in one place. So this is a little present to Stargate fans, a bit of a hint-hint to people who are on the fence about watching the show, and a general "Hope this makes you feel a bit more cheerful today" to everyone who stumbles across this who hasn't even heard of Stargate. Enjoy!

Lots and lots of hugs under the cut (and I mean lots - I have the fastest internet in the known universe, and it still takes a few seconds to load). It's by no means complete, and I've stayed away from a couple of really spoilery hugs - though spoilerphobes should definitely avoid this post to be safe - but if you notice something missing, chances are I honestly just missed it, because I was skimming through eight seasons of episodes, here.

Over one hundred screencaps under the cut - don't worry, we take a couple breathers. SG-1 Hugspamtastic Hugathon of Epic Awesome, awaaay! )

And that's all I've got for you! Hope you enjoyed - this took a truly insane amount of time to finish.

And a request in return: Rec me some good fic in this fandom! I'm mostly looking for gen, but any pairing will be fine by me. Also, I don't know the LJ fandom well at all - where should I crosspost this, if at all?
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Yeah, so I've been watching a lot of SG-1 lately, and that includes the awesome little featurettes on the DVD, and I couldn't resist the urge to make a behind-the-scenes picspam for the fanfic episode "Abyss". And the picspam's Daniel-centric, because Michael Shanks is funny and because, dangit, I'm being converted.

Anyway, I don't know the fandom, so I don't know if everyone and their dog has seen these featurettes, but whatever. Everyone loves a picspam, right? I have more planned, because there are tons of hilarious behind-the-scenes things on the season six DVDs and I... like... picspamming things? Yes.

Abyss! Behind the scenes! Piscpam! Cue theme, please. )

And because nothing tops that last one, I'll stop there.

Also, hey, I was somewhere in season six when I decided to start from the beginning with a properly Epic Rewatch, so I'm coming up to episodes I've never seen before! Awesome.
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I should be posting a ficlet later on as well, but, um, I just went over and watched [livejournal.com profile] calapine's Welcome to the Black Parade fanvid, and I figured this is a perfect time to share some totally random pictures I've amassed from the Tragical History Tour archive. Features the Doctor! Barbara! Ian! Susan! Daleks! And also other things that are excellent!

Lots of totally random non-dialup-friendly pictures under the cut. Also, squee! )
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(Previous Days)

I was in a silly mood today, and that almost always means screencapping! Oh, yes.

I just had to cap "Amok Time", one of the strangest (and most widely known) episodes of Star Trek: TOS, because, hey! There are many amusing caps to be had. A kind of excessively long picspam-recap ensued. Excessively long as in 200 pictures. On the plus side, you don't even have to watch the episode! It's all there for you!

Here, then, is the episode that spawned a billion shag-or-die fics. It's also the first appearance of the planet Vulcan, and includes one of TV's most awkward birds-and-the-bees talks. Heehee.

NOT dialup friendly. Possibly not even super high speed direct-to-brain internets friendly. A ridiculous amount of pictures under the cut. )
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A screencap of Roger Delgado in Danger Man, along with a smirking Patrick McGoohan. )

And bonus Unexpected Ronald Howard, for the Sherlock Holmes fans in the audience. )

So! Screencap one features Delgado about ten years before his role as the Master, and screencap two features Ronald Howard about seven years after his role as Sherlock Holmes. Would you have spotted them? I'm awful with faces, so I didn't recognize Delgado until he did more of the mannerisms with the raised eyebrows and sarcasm and such. And with Howard, it took the patented hands-in-pockets-of-dressing-gown thing.

Fandom collisions, hurrah!
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I humbly present to you, from across the reaches of time and space and probably other things, my impassioned plea for moar content in the Sapphire and Steel fandom. What follows is my argument, in the form of a picspam that will mercilessly oppress dialup users. Basically spoiler-free - the whole idea is to get you guys hooked on the wonders of everyone's favourite interdimensional time-battling operative duo and their adventures fighting the dead, the undead, the maybe-dead-at-some-point, and pillows. I had to physically restrain myself to keep from capping the some of the spoilery bits, though.

(All my own screencaps - from assignments one through three and a wee bit of six - are of variable size, quality, and hilarity; snag away! Larger images are available! Click to embiggen.)

Sapphire and Steel: A Beginner's Guide in 82 Screencaps )

But where do I find this wondrous show, I hear you ask? Simple enough. Here. But I didn't tell you that.

Also, the fandom has a comm - join us! [livejournal.com profile] sapphirensteel (Will probably crosspost this there.)

There. My work here is done. If that's not enough motivation, how about, er, an epic fanfic in the works about probabilistic computing seeded by Time called "The Count of Monte Carlo"? Hmm?

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ and collapse over our keyboards in exhaustion.
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If you haven't already, go watch the First Doctor's era. Srsly.

No, I'm not sure why I'm picspamming, either. From The Romans, but not really spoilery. Unless hair-brushing is spoilery. )

Hee! Okay, I'm done my squeefest. Back to your regularly scheduled f-list. (And hey! Now I've figured out how to do screencaps!)
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So the storm just passed on by without so much as a flicker of lightning.  What I said earlier, about extending the tornado watch?  Cancel that.  Heehee.

Feeling much better now I've got power and fish and things.  Huzzah!

Anyway, here are a few pictures I've snagged of the clouds around here lately, from my bedroom, because I'm just a geek that way.  They're terrible quality, and here's why: my options are either to snap photos through my screen (in which case, of course, the camera locks onto the grid no matter how many times I tell it to "landscape"), or through my dirty window.  So, um, yes.  Not Photoshopped or GIMPed or anything, because that'd be way too much work. :D

And now to read "Camera Obscura", which I'd totally forgotten was by Lloyd Rose! :D


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