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Please click through, then click on your region for a detailed description of what to expect over the next few days.

It does indeed look like snow will be limited to the higher elevations of Maryland and Virginia.

Inland areas like central/western PA and upstate NY can expect 3-6 inches of rain and winds gusting up to 60 mph. While the drier weather leading up to the storm will reduce the chances of flooding, regions near rivers (e.g., the Susquehanna) should keep a close eye on flood advisories.

Boston is at risk of a coastal storm surge of 3-6 feet, which will very likely result in flooding. Wind gusts of up to 70 mph are possible with this storm.

The DC area is under a flood watch - the storm surge will be lower there, but coastal areas could see some flooding. 5-9 inches of rain are expected in the DC area, so even away from the coast, low-lying areas near creeks and streams could see some basement flooding. Wind gusts of up to 65 mph are expected.

New York City folks, be careful. You are likely to be the hardest-hit city. Storm surges could be up to 10 ft (that is, high tide will be 10 ft higher than usual), so dangerous flooding is going to happen. Waves are likely to be 20 ft higher than usual, which could result in beach erosion and have some permanent effects in the area. Wind gusts of up to 80 mph are likely. Mobile homes will be damaged, high-rise buildings are at risk from flying debris.

If you are in an historically flood-prone area, or if your powerlines are above-ground and prone to outages, stay glued to the news and make sure you have a hand-crank radio or some other means of keeping abreast of the situation. A good rule of thumb is to keep three days of water and non-perishable food items on hand, just in case. Make sure that you have blankets and warm clothing - temperatures in the mid-fifties can feel pretty nasty without power. Keep your pets inside and make sure you have a carrier on hand for them in case you have to leave. Make plans to check in with friends and family who are less mobile (now might be a great time for Granny-who-lives-alone to come stay for a visit).

Please be safe. This is a bad storm, but you know it’s coming, and you know how to prepare. We’ll all get through this.

Send me a PM if you'd like more information about a certain area, and I can try my best to answer.


Aug. 27th, 2011 02:55 am
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Folks in the path of the hurricane, stay safe this weekend! Follow the news (and see if you have an old battery-powered radio lying around to keep on top of things if the power goes out), and try to make sure you have all the essentials stockpiled for a couple days - if nothing else, traffic will be a mess out there. Check in on friends and family, especially if they live alone or might have trouble getting to help in case of an emergency. That said, try not to travel unless it's absolutely necessary.

The left flank of the hurricane is likely to have the strongest rain, while the right flank will have highest winds. Be aware that, while hurricanes are currently very well predicted and monitored by forecasters and numerical models, small deviations can occur at a moment's notice - even a minor shift in a hurricane's path or intensity can make a huge difference in urban areas.

I'm sure you folks know all this - I've never experienced a hurricane, and the idea of that much rain and wind is completely alien to me. Just stay where it's safe to stay, pay attention to the hurricane center's updates, and play better-safe-than-sorry until it's done. And then check in online so I don't have to worry. ;) The National Hurricane Center has some good resources here, in terms of preparation recommendations. If you'd like to see the specs of the storm itself, just click on the icon for Irene in this map.

We're likely to get the edge of it up here, but it'll be well into extratropical transition by then, so we'll probably just get a good downpour, and maybe some flooding here and there. Quebeccers and Maritimers can get more info via EC's report here.
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Because I had one of those days that ended in unexpected awesome, I figured I'd try to return the favour. What follows is a bunch of random stuff, grabbed from tumblr (not hotlinked, of course, and with credit, of course, so you can trace it to its awesome, awesome source!). Basically, think of it as a massive reblog. It should be noted that my approach to tumblr, until recently, has been to (a) look at it in abject confusion and (b) be too embarrassed to ask someone how to make the pretty pictures appear on my computer screen. My dramatic discovery of the search box will doubtless make all the history books.

Since there are approximately twenty quadrizillion amazing Doctor Who images on tumblr, I thought I'd stick to some of my smaller fandoms (weighted a little more heavily on the DS9/B5 side of things), give 'em a bit of love. The images are whatever happens to catch my eye in the next hour or so. There may be spoilers. There will definitely be awesome.

(gifs under the cut - dial-up users beware!)

Random fannish picspam, awaaaay! )

Okay, that's probably enough silliness for now. Back to your regularly-scheduled Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or, if you're a time-traveller, October.
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Last week:

(Yes, that's without the wind chill.)

Current weather:

Everyone is smiling and the streets are full of people and it's slushy and, my goodness, it turns out the sky really isn't that awful grey colour underneath! :D
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It's snowing! And there are 90 km/h winds! It's all very dramatic.
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You guys, I have finally figured out what my job actually entails, now that the severe storm season is officially upon us. I STORMCHASE FROM OUTER SPACE!

(Well, okay, so I don't use satellite all that much as compared to radar, but there is still the rabidly following every blip and calling a bunch of random people and occasionally the mayor by accident (whoops) and giving everyone the severe weather hotline number just before their cars get trashed by hail. Which is like stormchasing! From space!)

I am a bit goofy today - 55-hour work week, though, so overtime + more than 50% of my hours either after 5PM or on weekends = shiny paycheck, hopefully. I have a 77-hour week coming up in July. This is madness!

Speaking of madness! Since I have Monday - Thursday off this week, I thought I'd kick things off by cleaning my apartment from top to bottom. This is about as exciting as it sounds, unless I have some form of audio encouragement. What do you, the viewers at home think?

[Poll #1197238]

And a note - you guys should watch Due South, for it is made of awesome. Very Twin Peaks! Very Sherlock Holmes (Fraser lives at number 221, and occasionally tastes dirt and/or deducifies someone's occupation from crazy clues)! Very strange and mood swingy and excellent! Yes.

(Have not had a chance yet to see Who - will attempt to remedy this tomorrow night!)

EDIT: Re: the above poll, it might be more helpful if I mentioned what I have actually listened to before - not that I mind listening again! I've heard nearly all of the monthly Doctor Who audios (a couple gaps in Five's era), all of the UNIT audios, the first couple Gallifrey audios, and all of the S&S audios. There.
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There is a risk of thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. We still haven't hit double-digit temperatures (Celsius) yet this year. What?

Easily distracted? Who, me?
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This is long overdue, and does indeed serve a purpose beyond making shiny polls (hard to take, I know). I grew up in a family that watched the weather with rapt attention, mostly because my parents both happened to be living in Edmonton (and my mom happened to be toddling around outdoors, pregnant with me) when an F4 tornado ripped through the east side of the city. As a result, understanding the various risks of summer severe weather has never been much of an issue for me (especially not now that I study it for a living) - but now that there's a whole new generation of Albertans without any personal tornado history (although Pine Lake is still fresh in many people's minds), it's becoming apparent that safety awareness has fallen a few rungs on the ladder.

There aren't right answers to all of the below questions - I encourage you to answer before viewing my takes on them beneath the cut. I've turned off result-viewing, so nobody will know if you pick something that's a bit on the iffy side. These questions have been selected because they generally demonstrate popular knowledge - both myth and fact. I'd love to get a bit more information about this, and please read the section under the cut, if only to check your score. ;)

[Poll #1152652]

(Long poll is long. My apologies to your flist - let me know if you'd rather I cut it.)

The results - and I'd love to hear some of your severe weather experiences, and/or your thoughts on all this. )

Thanks muchly!
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Currently? -46C. Traffic's so backed up (and the exhaust buildup on the main drag's so thick) that I'll probably have to walk down side-streets on the way to school. So, uh, 45 minutes in the cold, plus however much gets added on for trudging through uncleared snow the whole time.

On the other hand, if I ever write a fic about somebody freezing to death, I may well have the firsthand experience! :D
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Yes, well. In my whole huzzah-symposium fervour, I neglected to take into account the effects of waking up too early, four morning lectures, a bad cold, midterm-like things of the tomorrow variety, and my brain generally going kersplot.

Hopefully I'll be able to make it tomorrow!
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Doctor Who, cats, weather, and music.

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I've got a terrible headache so I'll make this one brief - had my Great-Uncle's service today, which was actually pretty nice, all things considered.  Some six hundred people showed up, and I was introduced to family I hadn't met (Dad tried to be helpful, but it was all "and she's the daughter of [person you've never met]!  Isn't that amazing?") and wound up doing a lot of hugging with some folks that I'm fairly sure didn't have a clue who I was either.  My Grandma was wonderful, saying goodbye to the last of her immediate family with all the composure of someone telling a long and amazing story.

As always, it was interesting to learn more about the man - he was the youngest bishop of the Moravian church (and kept that position for about forty years), was actually friends with Albert Einstein (and had the pictures to prove it) and Andy Griffith, was asked to run for Congress by the Republican party (since he abhorred everything the Republicans stood for, he used the sorry-I'm-Canadian excuse), was chaplain for the RCMP, and used his ham radio set to make contact with over one hundred countries.  Wow.

In other news, it's the twentieth anniversary today of "Black Friday".

On July 31st, 1987, following timely warnings and textbook conditions, an F-4 tornado (the most devastating in Canadian history) ripped through a trailer park on the edge of the city and killed 27 people, injuring hundreds more.  My Mom was actually pregnant with me at the time, walking around outside under the unnaturally dark skies, so I often cite that as my reason for going into meteorology!  Really, though, I always keep it in mind, when I'm learning about thunderstorms and rolling cumulonimbus and brilliant lightning - it's beautiful, but it's deadly and that's why we study it.  My Great-Uncle went to six funerals for victims of that storm.

Of course, in the midst of all the chaos, it just figures that they'd find a one-week-old baby in the middle of the wreckage, completely unharmed.  Tornadoes always seem to do that.

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So the storm just passed on by without so much as a flicker of lightning.  What I said earlier, about extending the tornado watch?  Cancel that.  Heehee.

Feeling much better now I've got power and fish and things.  Huzzah!

Anyway, here are a few pictures I've snagged of the clouds around here lately, from my bedroom, because I'm just a geek that way.  They're terrible quality, and here's why: my options are either to snap photos through my screen (in which case, of course, the camera locks onto the grid no matter how many times I tell it to "landscape"), or through my dirty window.  So, um, yes.  Not Photoshopped or GIMPed or anything, because that'd be way too much work. :D

And now to read "Camera Obscura", which I'd totally forgotten was by Lloyd Rose! :D
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Okay, yes.  We've got power back here, which is excellent, and nobody opened the freezer, which is still more excellent because that means I can have fish for supper (all the cafes and pubs I passed on the way home from work were closed, so it's a lucky thing). :D

Alas, another storm's on its way, and they're being a bit too hesitant in extending that tornado watch right into the city, considering the amount of storm I can see from my window.  Mammatus clouds all over the place, which doesn't actually mean much apart from, y'know, thunderstorm, but given the size of the anvil and the hook echo I can see even on the lowest-resolution radar, this is gonna be a heckuva storm.  And since it's not gonna cut into my sleep-time and since it should actually cool things off tonight, I'm all for it. *grins*

Okay.  Food.  Yes.
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After a lightning storm the likes of which you wouldn't believe (constant lightning and excruciatingly loud thunder for three straight hours!), the power in our whole block got zapped out around midnight.  This was, of course, extremely aggravating because we're just at the tail end of yet another heat wave and so I was sort of considering my little fan to be pretty indispensable.  The next morning, eleven hours later, there was still no power (and I don't even want to think about the food going bad in the fridge and freezer), so I gave up and just came to work.  On a Sunday.  Which meant dashing around the building looking for a door someone'd forgotten to lock.  Luckily, these doors tend to bounce back open if you slam them too hard, so I got lucky. Heehee. 

Three reasons why I came here: 1) Internet access, 2) hot food, and 3) a piano within walking distance.

Oh.  And air conditioning.  That just may have had something to do with it! :D

So, yes.  I'm gonna try heading home shortly, but if there's no power there I'll be cut off the internet until tomorrow.  *grumbles*  This is annoying.

At least I had my little super-powered LED flashlight.  It always comes in handy! *beams*

Alas, my laptop only has about nine minutes of battery power when totally charged (and it takes three of those minutes to boot up).  However, I managed to transfer a couple of 7th Doctor Big Finish audios to my iPod before running out of batteries (the smart thing to do would've been to just bring my laptop with me to work and charge it up here, which is obviously why I didn't think of it until now), so I've been listening to a couple of the Doctor/Ace/Hex episodes while basking in the air conditioned wonderfulness.  I really like Hex.  I think they've done a lot of things with him as a nurse that they could've gone into more with Martha being a med student.  But my rant on missed opportunities for character development can wait for another day.

I enjoyed "Live 34" about a thousand times more than I expected to!  (See, I'm a sucker for gimmicky audios but didn't really feel the love for "Flip-Flop", so wasn't expecting much of this one.)  It was all very exciting, and even the secondary characters were interesting (though I've gotta feel sorry for the guy who played the main newscaster, seeing as how he had about 80% of the lines in the whole two-hour drama).  I think my favourite bit, though, was the random static and channel-flipping in place of the theme music.  I actually get chills when I hear the "beep beep beep booooop" at the top of each hour - comes of spending hours and hours "helping" Dad with his shortwave set when I was a kid.  So, yes.  Much nostalgic goodness.

...now I really do feel silly for not having brought my laptop with me.  At least I could've grabbed the external hard drive!  I want to go home and listen to more audios and maybe study a bit for my music exam (which involves a convoluted word document on my sleeping hard drive).

Of course, I also want to go home and not have to triage the fridge and find out how much food I've lost today.  *groans*  At least yesterday I had the presence of mind to get rid of the wonky cilantro in the vegetable drawer.  And the suspicious bagel.  But I had a whole pack of fish sticks, and another unopened box of chicken fingers in the freezer - hopefully nobody was silly enough to open the freezer while I was gone.  *winces*

Can we just cut out the heat for a while?  Please?  I feel like I haven't had a good night's sleep all summer!  (Of course, given temperature the last few days I'm about ready to announce my "Pants Optional" approach to clothing, so I wouldn't put much stock in my sanity just at the moment.)

Forecast predicts nicer weather beginning tomorrow, with highs dipping back below 30 Celsius (all the way to 24!) and overnight lows falling below 18 (I think they're saying 9, which sounds wonderful). 

Enough stalling; I'm gonna look for an inexpensive restaurant that's open on a Sunday evening (a rarity given the short-staffedness of every place under the sun lately) and then head home to face the doom of my poor little yoghurts.
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Phew.  Busy week.

Spent today at the fair being spun and tossed and dropped and swung in all different directions, which was actually a lot more fun than I remembered.  I sort of wish we had a decent roller coaster, though - somewhere along the line, I've become a bit of a coaster snob connoisseur. :D  I did like the loop-the-loop thingie, though.  And I'm an absolute sucker for giant twirly swings.  Note to self: if I'm ever in a really terrible mood, for whatever reason, I must take the bus to The Mall and ride the swings for five minutes. That'll fix it!

Spent last night writing for my ficathon and wound up with two thousand words of yay.  This is going to be long, dangit, but I need to get back to work on the Wanderer Fantasy.  It'll come with time, I hope!  I have totally twisted the prompt and actually almost forgot about it.  Obviously Greek mythology is relevant.  Um.  *squints*  Yeah.

Spent the last half-hour falling on my face trying to get to the phone on time, just to hear the doorbell ring and switch course mid-stumble.  En route to the door, I step in our kitty's latest offering to the hairball gods and throw the door open to see my landlords.  Oh.  Um.  Joy.

So I had a long chat with my landlords and tried to sneak away to clean off my foot.  How embarrassing. *wince*

But the conversation was basically about how I am a good tenant and they want me to live here for as long as I like (the next three years, for instance).  So it was worth the icky foot stuff.  Definitely.

Well, almost definitely.  Ew.  Thanks, kitty.

Taking my cousin out for a birthday dinner on Sunday, but the rest of the week's gonna be taken up with studying for my big ol' music history exam, which rears its ugly head at 9:30 AM on the tenth of August.  If I pass it, they hand me my long-awaited Grade 10 RCM certificate and a gold star and maybe even a cookie.  Yay! :D

Gosh.  My little brother's moving out of the country for college on the 18th.  Ack!

So, yes.  Brain goes asplodey, but I still had time to curl up in the marvelous not-quite-warm of my room for an hour this morning and read a good book.  Another heat wave's on the horizon.  Ten years ago, we'd have maybe two days above thirty degrees (I know because I'd make a chart with the weather for the summer.  Why? Because my stuffed animals were learning about the weather in the classes I was teaching them.  Heehee.).  Now we have whole weeks above thirty degrees.  Obviously, something's happening here.

Anyway.  Yes.  Sleepy.  So we have hypnotic David Tennant as the mood theme for today! :D
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Ooh, quite a nutty storm last night.  One of my roommates spotted a massive funnel cloud that would've spawned a devastating wedge tornado if it'd touched down (right in the middle of the city, too!).  I saw some funky skies and something that I suspect could've been a wall cloud, but nothing too alarming.  The temperature dropped ten degrees in a matter of minutes.  Yay!

The storm passed pretty quickly and uneventfully, but it completely messed with our TV reception and so I've been given the mission of, um, obtaining the household's shows for that evening.  Heehee.

Closer to midnight, though, there was a second storm.  And all of a sudden, my right knee (the one with two metal screws still in it) started hurting like crazy.  Sure enough, zap!  The next bolt of lightning was a bright orange instead of white, and there was an explosion less than a block away and we were without power for three hours.  Which was, y'know, sort of nice, because there's a bright ol' streetlight right outside my bedroom window.  However, the death of my little fan made matters considerably worse.  Ick.

Anyway, it's good to know that I've got these weather-forecasting-via-achy-joints thing going this early on.  Seems to me that sort of thing's an asset for an aspiring meteorologist! :D  (Also, I can do the senile thing rather well now.  "Dadgum it, my knee's acting up again!  Rain's a'coming!")

I should probably go to work, the better to present my seventy-plus paper-ready graphs!
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Ooh.  The sky's a lovely light shade of green, tinged with purple, and there's a cloud that looks somewhat like a giant flying saucer hovering just outside my window.

Lightning's just starting up - huzzah!  This heat wave's going out in style! :D
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Well, I predicted our little rainstorm today to within twenty minutes of its beginning, using only radar imagery.  Huzzah! 

That's the fun thing about weather forecasting - if you concentrate on a small enough area and if you know its general weather patterns well enough, you can, with a little practice, predict the next day's weather in an hour-by-hour format, and be just about always right.  And then you can extrapolate, using intuition and experience and whatnot.  I once sketched up a little weather map of the province based entirely on the clouds I saw on the bus ride to my parents' house - I managed to include all of the large-scale features, in approximately the right place.

What else is new?

Well, speaking of numbers, if you sum together the years I've spent fencing and the years I've spent playing piano, you get my age.   Uh.  Yeah.  Not really that exciting, but it'll only happen once.

Heat wave's broken!  My room's 29.7 degrees C and falling.  It smells like rain.
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Good news: I'm no longer sick!  I finally got to use my eggplant recipe and it was delicious!  I dragged myself out of the condo for three hours of fencing goodness (though somebody did steal our Good Try Sportsmanship Happy-Face Stamp of Power, so we were all making a special effort to be poor sports)! 

Bad news: It's currently 34.2 degrees Celsius in my room.  Generally, I prefer it to be below 22 degrees when I go to sleep.  *whimper*  I'm gonna dump a glass of water over my head before bed and turn the fan on high, right in my face.  Ick.  (Bad thing with our topsy-turvy climate - the few days when it does get nice and summery and warm, we haven't a clue what to do.  AC?  What is this thing of which you speak?)


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