Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:38 pm
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New profile, new icons. Woohoo!

Right. Writing. Yes.
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Does anyone, anyone know how to set the theme for your LJ layout to "none" in this new setup? I'm sure I'm just missing something really obvious, but it is extremely annoying to have a cool new layout and not be able to apply it.

In the meantime, spoooooky layout! (Alas, no Mulder in sight.)


EDIT EDIT THREE SECONDS LATER: Yay, works now! Ooh, weather!

Quick Note

Oct. 15th, 2007 07:17 am
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Apologies to everyone I owe comments/replies/cookies/fic. At the moment, in terms of how in-control I feel of life in general, on a scale of one to one hundred, I'm hovering around minus two.

Not stressed, strangely enough! :D Just busy.

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This one's stolen from [livejournal.com profile] eers and [livejournal.com profile] fleurette!

- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk if you have at least one full season on tape or DVD
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

Let's see how TV-savvy I really am! )

The verdict? I watch a helluva lot of TV. Whee! :D
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In case you're wondering: http://www.livejournal.com/misc/autopost.bml

...I read "The Crooked World".Plot in a nutshell?  Doctor Who meets Scooby Doo meets Warner Bros.  Only, y'know, literally.I mean, the one with the semi-automatics!  The one next to it!  There!  No, over one!  Yes!  That's the one.)They contain:- 5 (five) mL of corn starch a while ago!  Ack!  Quick!  Hurry up and do that before it all burns!  Make sure the corn starch and water are all stirred up before you dump 'em on top of the rest, because otherwise you'll just have globs of sauce everywhere!And, oh. You know what?  You probably should've chopped up your vegetables before now.  Just sayin'.So now you'll have to stir with one hand and chop veggies with the other.  Good job.You'll probably only use half of the bell pepper, so you can see where they're going with her. And Fitz never fails to be awesome.So, yes, I've been sitting in my closet for almost two years.  I've won medals with it, poked people's toes with it, and shown it off to family and friends at every possible opportunity, which makes Sabbath go ballistic.  And then there's all the intense gazing.  And then the ficathon piece should be done before I leave on the 18th.  Much yay! :D

In fact, I think I'll do some really insane biking this weekend.Okay.  I'm stopping.  Run out of interesting things to say. Wait, one more interesting thing to say: "Kerplazooie!"  Seriously, try it.  It's interesting as all-get-out.Also: my "giggly" mood actually makes me giggly when I watch it.  It's just so point-and-laugh and the Doctor's all "OMGMORTALDANGER... bzuh?  What?  What?"  I'm gonna watch the pilot of Life on Mars right now.  Yeah.  There's a plan for you!  Because the internet is a small world, and streaming video is my veddy best friend.Wow.  I got derailed there.  Let's try again.Number 12: Oh.  I guess that wasn't really much of a slacker as this action makes me out to be.  Just working ahead.  Yes.  I call it "procrastinating in advance".)So I wandered aimlessly around the mall and wound up doing it by accident anyway.)  Also, y'know, by blowing things up.I then listened to "Fearmonger" and was extremely impressed.  That was intense.  And the plot thickens.  Will those Glosette raisins ever get eaten?  Or will they, like so many others, merely melt away in the cruel, cruel heat?  Who will mourn the chocolate-covered goodness?  Tune in next time for all this. The Cultelli are a determined race – they have to be, for what they charge – but they absolutely cannot trace you in my TARDIS.” He paused. “Well, probably.”

“We can keep you safe until we’ve got this all sorted,” Rose added quickly. “The Doctor’s good at this, really. It’s what he does.”

Matt licked his lips, which had suddenly gone dry. “Why do you care so much?” He realized how that sounded and cleared his throat.


“Yeah.” He took a deep breath. “All right, then,” he said. “But can you promise to have me back before Thursday? It’s Trudy’s twenty-fifth birthday.”

“Matt,” the Doctor said with a grin, “I can have you back here in time for her twenty-fourth.”

End Part II

Coming soon – Part III: Kalthan, in which tensions rise, the TARDIS is – believe it or not.  And does it ever have candy.  And ice cream.  Mmm.  It also just happens to have a twenty-first century teenager killed.”

“You said they were from Xifos? Could we pop over there, maybe ask ‘em?” Rose frowned. “Or would that be too risky?”

“It just might, with Matt around,” the Doctor agreed.

Matt didn’t like the way the conversation was basically about how I am a starfruit.  Huzzah! :D2. If you wake up and smell smoke, and you have to do some statistical analysis this week!  And maybe I'm one heckuva geek for being terribly excited at that prospect.  Just maybe.
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I really shouldn't be online as much as I have been this morning - there's packing afoot and all that.

But I just had to pop on and say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] scarletsherlock
Have a splendiferous day! :D

Also hope all your crappy storm and flooding problems get resolved, y'know, immediately!  *attempts to influence weather WITH MIND ALONE*
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Am I the only one in the world who can't work LJ-cuts? Every time, something goes wrong with the formatting and I can't fix it. Ergh. And then you can't even preview the stupid cut to make sure it's worked properly. WTF.

So Wanderer Fantasy's gonna be a few more minutes at least.

Really, I just watched "Runaway Bride" and wanted to use my Donna mood. :D
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Oh, dear.  Part two of roommate's birthday (part one being the delicious but way-too-filling supper this evening) involves going to a dance club tonight.

Um.  I don't dance and I don't drink.  I guess I can handle standing in the corner looking edgy.  Whee.

Except that I'm yawning like crazy and it's only 7:30.  I guess I'll have the weekend to recover, hey?

Life of the party, me. :D

Oh!  And a random thing happened yesterday when I was wandering down the, um, big college-y shopping street (my parents call it "funky", but I'm not entirely sure what that means) last night!  It was really crowded (though I'm a definite introvert, I tend to do all right with large groups of strangers and occasionally enjoy a walk in the city at night when it feels safe), but this harried-looking guy comes running straight up to me.  He stops dead, bellows "Time!" in my ear, but by the time I've looked down at my watch, he's already dodging his way through four lanes of traffic to the other side of the street.  Very odd, but also very amusing.

At supper today, we went to a place where you could draw on the tablecloths with crayons.  I did a TARDIS, a fob watch, and a little smiley face that turned into the Cheshire cat that got a box drawn around it.  I labelled it "Schrodinger's Cheshire Cat".  Not only is he both alive and dead, he's both there and not there! :D
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Gah.  I have no cash on me.  Dangit.  I need to take a cab to get to my exam tomorrow morning, and I have no cash.

Nearest ATM is way too far.  Wait!  Waitaminute... I could go to the convenience store.  Those are usually 24-hour, right?

I could do that now.  I think I will.

...and, after running like a crazy person, I missed the closing of the store by eight minutes.

Poop.  Now I have to borrow from roommates, who may not have cash.

Do taxis take cheques?

...oh.  I just called the cab service, and the extremely nice guy on the line says they'll happily stop at an ATM for you en route.  Phew.

*dies and stumbles off to bed*
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Um.  I've just realized that I don't have the faintest idea how to mail a letter.  And that my scholarship application has to get somewhere much quicker than it's probably able to do.

Also that I haven't really started studying yet for the music history exam that's less than a week away.  I glanced at a practice test - based on what I know now, we're talking marks in the 5-10% range.  Woo!

Also also that I still need to do the big online scholarship application thing.

Also also also that my library books are becoming perilously close to overdue.


On the plus side, once the tenth rolls around I will be remarkably cheerful and all kinds of geeky.  Last week of work, roommates on holidays, test out of the way and deadlines all past.  And then!  Trip to the States.

Apolologies if I disappear for a bit, all.  Got to sort this stuff out before it eats me! 

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First, I would just like to say that as I'm typing this, my oh-so-wonderful neighbour across the alley has brought out some sort of horrible woodchipping machine and is merrily screeching away at something that's undoubtedly pretty manly and shirtless and things.  The upside to all that noise, though, is that it drowns out the ear-splitting barking and whining of his huge Rottweiler.  The downside is that this condo complex forms some sort of magical auditory thing so that, if I don't want to roast and have therefore opened the window, even the softest whisper or the shuffle of sneakered feet on grass outside sounds like it's right in my very own bedroom!  Someone in acoustics needs to take a look at this place and figure out how that works; I could make a fortune that way.

(Of course, the worst part is the splitting sugar-headache I've given myself.  Heehee.)

So I decided to do something different today.  It occurred to me that I keep blithering on about going to the mall but hadn't actually got around to doing it by myself.  So this morning I walked in the general direction of work, then dramatically boarded a different bus and sped cross-city to the mall!  (Note: I'm not quite as much of a slacker as this action makes me out to be.  Just working ahead.  Yes.  I call it "procrastinating in advance".)

So I wandered aimlessly around the mall and wound up going in circles and just buying candy from a few different stores.  And then I went to Chapters and wound up chatting with the cute guy at checkout over my t-shirt ("Buy fair trade and organic to defeat the evil robots") and my purchase (a luverly five-book box set of the Hitchhiker's trilogy, complete with a bright yellow sticker that proclaims that while the recommended retail price is a whopping CAN$ 84.95, it's mine for just CAN$ 34.95!).  I then decided that I'm really a pretty boring mallgoer and toddled off to find a quiet corner to read my new books.

But it was fun. :D  And then I caught a bus that was heading toward the university, got a bit claustrophobic and just hopped out at a random stop, and realized (once I'd wandered down an alley in search of identifiable landmarks) that I was only two blocks from home.  So serendipity just saved me walking the twenty blocks from campus!  Huzzah!  Of course, I'll never remember where that bus stop was in the first place...

Okay, I've given up and have closed the window.  I doubt it was helping with the temperature in here (currently 30.1 degrees and rising) anyway.  I'm going to stop eating candy before I fall over, read me some Douglas Adams, and listen to Gregorian chants.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you summer!
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My current desktop wallpaper is:

Anyone who knows what it is gets a big ol' gold star of geekiness! :D
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Since I'm in a pretty celebratory mood, I expect to thoroughly embarrass my roommates at dinner tonight by being unexpectedly talkative and only marginally coherent.  Which is an excellent combination, of course. :D

I'm scheming. Evilly, if you'd like yet another adverb to go with the previous lot.

Managed to get some character-development stuff out of the way on the epic!fic last night, which is a good thing.  Almost done!  Ish.
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My roommate, who's moving to Japan next year, just got all her financial difficulties resolved by getting a phenomenal scholarship.  She totally deserves it, and the whole thing's made of so much win that I'm gonna be annoyingly cheerful all day.  :D
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Um.  I can be ridiculously silly from time to time.

Note to self: when you get massive blisters from wearing new shoes (which always, always happens to me), the proper thing to do is to stop wearing the shoes for a bit until they/your feet are broken in.

The wrong thing to do?  Wear said blister-making shoes for a two-mile walk. 

I've managed to get bloodstains all down the back of one of my shoes.  Which is, y'know, dramatic and all, but ow.   And I very cleverly spilled the bottle of disinfectant all over the bathroom mats.  Happily, my brother/partner-in-crime helped me clear up the mess before the parents noticed.  Phew.

Maybe I'll just not walk anywhere at all tomorrow.  That'd be smart.

In other news, yay!  I have a freakishly high tolerance for pain.

Ooh, and bangs!  :D  The haircut is fun.  I've made it a habit to go in to the hairdresser's with my hair looking as awful as possible, just to get that nice before/after feeling.  Oversleeping today made that much easier - I wound up with half-dried hair curling/frizzing at odd angles.  Much better now!

Watching season three of the Sopranos (randomly - it's what we watch when we don't have anything else handy) with the family.  Well, y'know, not the family.  The family. 

Man, I love this show.

Oh, and I had a bit of surprise disk space today!  My brother bought an 80-Gig external hard drive that was incompatible with his laptop.  This was a long time ago (for some reason, he never returned it), so he chucked it in my direction and said that if I could get it to work, it was mine.  Worked on the first try!

...and here I was getting all wound up to go and buy gadgetry.  I'll survive. :D

And since I've started making a habit of commenting on my mood pic, let it be said: "Heehee!".  Poor Doctor.  Always getting slapped by people's mothers.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:04 pm
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Just found a big box of candy canes that I'd completely forgotten about.  Little dusty, but still delicious!
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Hm.  Just realized that all day today, I spoke only seven words.  All day, seven words.  "See you" to my roommates in the morning, "hi" to my supervisor in the hallway, and "have a good one" to the cashier at the candy store.  When I got home, my roommates were already gone and they're not back yet.  Funny thing is - this isn't particularly unusual for me.

I guess I don't talk much.  Unless you count online.  Then you just can't shut me up. :D
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Today was a fantastic day. 
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Well, got the mood theme working (huzzah!).  I love it so.

Alas, it seems to have been at the cost of my header.  *blinks*

That's all right.  I'll fix it later.


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