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This is a looong shot, since I think only one or two of you may know this fandom, but I just got around to polishing up a Mass Effect fic that's been sitting at 99% completion on my hard drive for, what, almost a year? (At some point I should just go through and post all the 99%-complete fics I can find - there are about twenty of them, heh.) I just realized it wasn't jossed by anything in ME3, so I figure it's probably postable, and may get some of this Mass Effecting out of my system.

The fic takes place early in the first game and is 100% spoiler-free. It's action/adventure genfic with lots of banter, featuring Ashley, Liara, and Garrus on a Mako mission that keeps going wrong. It's also about 7,500 words long, although I'm considering splitting it into three little chapters for dramatic effect. Mostly it's just the new-fandom jitters talking, and I'd love to get some help with characterization, but I'm also a little rusty when it comes to writing plot, so I'd appreciate any advice on that front before I dive back into Chasm.

If you're willing to do this, Mass Effect fans on my flist, I will make you a lovely picspam/gifspam of your favourite character. And shower you with virtual cookies. And feed your fish while you're out saving the universe.
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Uh, I kinda committed casefic based on the finale. Anyone willing to do a fairly quick beta? (I'd like to get it out of my system before I decide to stick it on my hard drive and forget about it.)

It's about 6000 words (I know) and focuses on John, with a secondary spotlight on Sally Donovan, and it's gen. Pretty standard for me - some language, some violence. Any takers? Anyone familiar with the city of London would be especially nice, since I'd like to not screw up too badly when it comes to places and travel times, and I'm mostly operating based on half-remembered jet-lagged visits years and years ago.

I've screened comments, so you can leave an e-mail address without fear of the spambots, if that suits you better. Thank you so much!

Edit: That was quick, thank you!
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Hurrah, [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti! I have two fics written that will need some polishing tomorrow, but then they will be ready for betaing, so I thought I might as well ask you amazing people now. :D

The first is a Who/Holmes crossover in which the Valeyard meets Sherlock Holmes. The second is a Man from UNCLE fic in which Illya gets to play double-agent. Barring major changes tomorrow, they're going to work out to approximately 4,000 words apiece, and neither one is rated higher than PG-13.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, folks! I've screened comments so you can leave an e-mail address without fear of spambots.

(♥ to you all, by the way. Life is incredibly hectic right now - in the best possible way - and I can't wait to have more online time again.)
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1. Yuletide! I haven't had much time to read yet, but I have found a handful of awesome fics to rec for you all.

First, I definitely have to rec the fic I received, which is The Margaret Mystique, in MASH fandom, and is an awesome little character study that jumps around between the war and the tenth anniversary of the Armistice - it does a great job of examining the relationships Margaret's had without falling into the typical fannish clich├ęs. Definitely well worth reading!

Next, if you are at all a fan of Doctor Who and/or Torchwood and/or Lord Peter Wimsey, you must drop whatever you're doing and take an hour or two to read No Man's Land, which is a stunningly written, tightly plotted story that slips Jack Harkness, Major Wimsey, and Sergeant Bunter seamlessly into the universe of the Second Doctor serial, The War Games. Sayers fandom is chock full of brilliant writers, so my expectations were awfully high going in, but I was still completely blown away. It's been ages since I saw The War Games, and my Torchwood-ish knowledge is pretty limited, but I enjoyed this one immensely.

The Lord Peter Wimsey section in Yuletide this year has also brought The Sceptre at the Feast, which is a gorgeous character study that follows Viscount Saint-George's life, as viewed from Peter's eyes. Gherkins has always been a particular favourite of mine, and this story definitely does him justice.

I'll have more recs soon, I'm sure, given the dozens of tabs I have open. ;)

2. [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking! Since I mixed up the reveal date, I find myself with a whole bunch of fics (17!) that could probably use a brief looking-over, beta-wise. I'm usually not too bad with SPAG, so I'm mostly looking for fandom-specific glances, here, and I thought the best way to do this without giving too much away would be to poll for a bunch of fandoms, some of which I may well have written for (but I couldn't possibly comment). If you're able to beta for any of the below fandoms, just let me know by clicking the ticky-boxes, and I'll drop you a PM with details if there's a fic that could use your expert opinion - and please don't hesitate to say "No, thanks!" if you'd rather not beta, after all! The fics are all below PG-13, mostly gen, and shouldn't have any triggery content, if that's a concern. There is one fic in a fandom that I'm pretty sure will be unfamiliar to anyone but me and the recipient, which spoils the surprise, so I'll leave that one off the list and read it over myself, extra-carefully.
[Poll #1503676]
Thank you so much!

3. [livejournal.com profile] subsequent, thank you so much for the snowflake cookie yesterday! It definitely made me smile. :D
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Anyone up for a really, really quick beta of a fic that is about Donna and has much in the way of spoilers for 4x13? (Yes, I know, shocking.) Will be crossposting this one and would rather not make a fool of myself right away. Should have it finished within the hour - it'll be less than 1,000 words long, if that's any help.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Little late, but then it was a particularly busy weekend!

Things I did this week that come readily to mind:

1. Wrote a terrifying Differential Equations quiz. When you have something that's worth 10% of your mark, you don't expect to only be given fifteen minutes to do it. And when the test consists of one page with precisely one line of text at the top ((dy/dx)xsin(x+y) - xsin(x+y) = cos(x+y). Solve for y.) - brrr. Somehow managed to get the correct answer though, and therefore live to fight/differentiate another day!

2. Didn't pick up my mysterious Inter-Library Loan. I should do that today, since I haven't a clue what it is. And there is a faint chance that it could be one of those Big Finish scriptbooks I ordered, oh, two months ago?

3. Pestered my Dad into ordering the Emma Peel Megaset of The Avengers, because that show is such crack and, despite having been a rabid Avengers fan since the age of, oh, six, I haven't seen all the episodes! When I was a kid, I so wanted to be Emma Peel. Scientist, fencer, spy? Well, two out of three isn't bad. Yes. Two out of three. *shifty eyes*

4. Watched "Stranger Than Fiction", which was considerably better than I expected. And, of course, reinforced my hopeless girlcrush on Emma Thompson. I mean - look!

5. Made plans to go home over Thanksgiving, which means that if Amazon ships quickly, I should be able to steal myself the aforementioned Avengers boxset then. Mwahaha. Also - noticed that I haven't had Thanksgiving dinner with my whole immediate family in almost three years.

6. Wrote two - count 'em, two - fic(let)s set in the Third Doctor's era, one of which may be making an appearance here next week. :D Since it seems like there are about a trillion canonical potholes for me to unwittingly fall into, anyone interested in providing a quick glance-through, just to make sure I haven't made Bessie fluorescent orange or anything? There will be Internet-cookies involved!

7. Hey, if memes can skip numbers, so can I.

8. Started brainstorming for three ficathons that I will be entering - and keep reminding myself of the one fic I still haven't written, because my brain is silly. And also got some work done on WF, but it's slow going.

9. Drove our smaller minivan, which was much easier than attempting to learn to drive with The Tank. I expect that, if I ever get behind the wheel of an actual car, I may actually become competent at this! (Well, that and speed by mistake.)

10. Started looking at new... *coughs*L-A-P-T-O-P-S*coughs*. *pats current laptop reassuringly* It's lovely, but when I can't so much as run Microsoft Word every time the Virus Scan comes up... it may be time for a change. Also - no more battery life + tendency to overheat given more than an hour in the same place. And the campus electronics store has special discounts for students, so that sounds good to me!


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