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Please click through, then click on your region for a detailed description of what to expect over the next few days.

It does indeed look like snow will be limited to the higher elevations of Maryland and Virginia.

Inland areas like central/western PA and upstate NY can expect 3-6 inches of rain and winds gusting up to 60 mph. While the drier weather leading up to the storm will reduce the chances of flooding, regions near rivers (e.g., the Susquehanna) should keep a close eye on flood advisories.

Boston is at risk of a coastal storm surge of 3-6 feet, which will very likely result in flooding. Wind gusts of up to 70 mph are possible with this storm.

The DC area is under a flood watch - the storm surge will be lower there, but coastal areas could see some flooding. 5-9 inches of rain are expected in the DC area, so even away from the coast, low-lying areas near creeks and streams could see some basement flooding. Wind gusts of up to 65 mph are expected.

New York City folks, be careful. You are likely to be the hardest-hit city. Storm surges could be up to 10 ft (that is, high tide will be 10 ft higher than usual), so dangerous flooding is going to happen. Waves are likely to be 20 ft higher than usual, which could result in beach erosion and have some permanent effects in the area. Wind gusts of up to 80 mph are likely. Mobile homes will be damaged, high-rise buildings are at risk from flying debris.

If you are in an historically flood-prone area, or if your powerlines are above-ground and prone to outages, stay glued to the news and make sure you have a hand-crank radio or some other means of keeping abreast of the situation. A good rule of thumb is to keep three days of water and non-perishable food items on hand, just in case. Make sure that you have blankets and warm clothing - temperatures in the mid-fifties can feel pretty nasty without power. Keep your pets inside and make sure you have a carrier on hand for them in case you have to leave. Make plans to check in with friends and family who are less mobile (now might be a great time for Granny-who-lives-alone to come stay for a visit).

Please be safe. This is a bad storm, but you know it’s coming, and you know how to prepare. We’ll all get through this.

Send me a PM if you'd like more information about a certain area, and I can try my best to answer.
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How did I not know that the new Vorkosigan novel is already available for purchase as an ebook? Awesome! I thought I'd have to wait for November.

Also, hang on, are the other books in the series no longer available online on Baen's site? Fun while it lasted, I guess.
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For those of you who aren't on tumblr and may have missed it, this fantasy AU DS9 art is fantastically fantastic.
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Oh! I have a tumblr that I am finally going to start using, if only so I'm not constantly bombarding you fine folks with things that work better as reblogs anyway. Creative as always, I am eponymous-rose over there. Also as always, I have no idea what I'm doing. Let me know if you're there!
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Three-word nonspoilery review regarding the infamous ending:

They. Fixed. It.

IMO, they did a fantastic job. I ran through it with my Garrusmance playthrough, and I may have teared up on many occasions, especially Spoilers ) Dang. That was good.

Also: new music! I wasn't expecting that. Heh, they also tweaked one piece so it doesn't end on such a dissonant jumble of chords at the end. HIGHLY SYMBOLIC. Don't ask how I noticed that.

Wow. Okay, I'm sure people will still complain about this, and I'm sure a lot of their complaints will be legitimate, but let's face it: the endings to the first two games weren't exactly the height of sense-making cleverness. But they had heart, and now this one does, too. I'm a very happy camper.

So many plotbunnies...
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Quick note: Mass Effect 1 and 2 are very cheap right now on Amazon - five bucks for the original game, and nine bucks for the sequel. Fourteen dollars is an amazing deal for a minimum of ~60 hours of playtime.

Mind you, this is via Amazon's download service, so I think it's only available in the States. If you're not in the US, I'd wait a couple weeks for the Steam Summer Sale - I'm sure they'll be marked down similarly. I picked up both games for $15 combined on Steam a year and a half ago... chances are, the deals will be even better this time around.

The third game is still ~$80 for the digital deluxe edition, but apparently some stores like Gamestop have been selling the regular game for more like $25. Despite all the hullabaloo over the ending, it's well worth it, IMO. (That said, I wouldn't bother with the digital deluxe edition, unless you really want Shepard to be able to wear a hoodie, because that seems to be about all it gives you. It is a pretty sweet hoodie, mind you.) A single playthrough of the trilogy amounts to about 100 hours of awesomeness, which is around the same as five/six seasons of a TV show, and there's quite a bit of replay value.

There's also a bewildering array of DLC (downloadable content), so here are my thoughts on the various add-ons:

  • Bring Down the Sky (free) - Comes with the original game, though if you buy the game on Steam, you'll have to jump through some hoops with EA customer support to get an activation key - the trick is to get into the support chat for ME3 and just immediately ask for an activation key for BDtS. The plot's pretty straightforward: for unknown reasons, an asteroid has been hijacked and is plummeting towards a human colony world, and it's up to you to investigate. This one's actually quite good - introduces the batarians, gives you an awesome asteroid to explore, and at the end of the couple hours of playtime there's a really decent moral dilemma. Also, it's referenced in a couple places in the second game, and there's even a bit of fallout in the third game. Well worth the effort of getting an activation key, IMO.
  • Pinnacle Station ($5 on Origin) - Oh, this one really annoys the completist in me, because the combat system in the first game is not very good, and this entire DLC is about the combat system. Essentially, it's a series of minigame simulations where you're trying to beat high scores. You do get the opportunity to win Shepard a retirement home, but it's ridiculously difficult, even on Casual difficulty. I'd give this one a miss.

  • [Spoiler] Crash Site (free) - Comes with the game, if you activate Cerberus Network. Unlike BDtS, it's very easy to download your free DLC in the second game. This one is probably the saddest pixel-hunt you'll ever do. I think it's worthwhile - a surprisingly emotional and quiet little moment in an otherwise fast-paced game.
  • Zaeed - The Price of Revenge (free) - Hey, it's another squadmate! Zaeed, a ruthless mercenary, is noooot a nice guy, but he's certainly interesting, and I maintain that his loyalty mission has one of the best paragon/renegade splits in the game. This DLC also has repercussions in the third game. Definitely worthwhile.
  • Firewalker Pack (free) - This one seemed a lot more important back when everyone was speculating about the content of the third game. Unfortunately, they didn't wind up adopting this hovercraft in the third game, so now it's just sort of a weird series of side missions where you... race around in a hovercraft. If, like me, you enjoy driving games and kinda miss the Mako from game one, you should pick this one up. You're not missing anything if you don't (except for one joke James Vega makes in the third game).
  • Kasumi - Stolen Memory ($7) - Another new squadmate! Kasumi is an awesome thief with a hilarious sense of humour. Also, her loyalty mission is a wacky heist involving a dinner party, the Statue of Liberty's head, and the gun that killed two presidents. Once again, this one impacts on the third game. If you have the cash to spare, Kasumi's a fun addition to the team.
  • Overlord ($7) - Ouch. This one is really intense, with a lot of horror elements to it, and really messes with the interface between organics and synthetics. It's really twisted (including some bits of surprisingly dark humour), and sheds some light on what a certain covert organization Shepard works for is really all about. I'd grab this one, but avoid playing it with the lights off. Also has repercussions in the third game, but it isn't absolutely plot-essential.
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker ($10) - This one would be worth it at twice the price. BUY THIS DLC. It's long - a few hours - and cleverly written and seriously fleshes out Liara's character. It also seamlessly incorporates and test-runs a lot of the mechanics of the third game, which is pretty awesome. You meet another Spectre, there are plot twists aplenty, there's a flying car chase, there's a fight on the hull of a giant spaceship in a lightning storm... and the dossiers on your squadmates at the end are pretty much the coolest things ever. If you don't do this one, you might be a bit confused through bits of ME3.
  • Arrival ($7) - Yeeeah, this one is absolutely plot-essential. The start of ME3 kinda makes zero sense without it. It's a really decent few hours of play, regardless - there's a rescue mission gone horribly wrong, an amazing sense of urgency throughout, and the ending foreshadows a lot of the hard decisions to come in ME3. (Also, if you've played this one already, someone discovered that if you let the two-and-a-half-hour countdown run down, you get this horrifying cutscene.) Major repercussions in ME3.

  • From Ashes ($10) - This one got a lot of flak as Day 1 DLC, and you can definitely play the whole game without it, but it nets you a new squadmate and a ton of new material and dialogue. I think it's worthwhile - some bits of plot make more sense with Javik around. Also, he's hilarious.
  • Assorted Multiplayer DLCs (free) - I was surprised to discover I really, really love the multiplayer mode in ME3, so I can heartily recommend these free expansions. If you've ever wanted to play as, say, a geth, a krogran, a batarian, or a vorcha, now's your chance.
  • Expanded Cut (free) - After the hubbub over the ending, Bioware committed to making an extended version to clarify. It's going to be released sometime this summer, and it'll be free. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's not gonna please very many people, but I think it'll still be worthwhile.

Okay. Back to work. I'm hoping I can pull this thesis together quickly enough that I'll have a solid weekend free sometime to just game and game and game. That sounds really nice right now.
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Finally got to the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC in my replay of ME2. It is still pretty much the best thing ever and, as an added bonus, I caught a Twin Peaks reference I'd missed last time around! Sneaky. Even the loading screens are awesome. "Shoot the lightning capacitors to make them explode." If that's your helpful hint, you know whatever's coming up is going to be pretty epic.

Mostly, though, it's still the character stuff that gets me in this one. Banter! I do so love the banter. And Shepard and Liara circling each other in a wary, not-quite-comfortable way that's unexpectedly subtle and well done and true to the characters. And plot twists and character evolution and that ending. Yesss.

So that got me to thinking that Liara T'Soni is one of my favourite characters - because helloooo, character development, what with going from socially awkward archaeologist to kinda ruthless spymaster. She's not a "soldier" character either, like so many of the others in this franchise, and I love that they kept that about her. So hey, that got me to thinking that I should make a post with pretty pictures expounding on Liara's awesomeness. As you do.

All images are clickable to get to the source.

Being a treatise on the awesomeness of Dr. Liara T'Soni )
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I love this kind of thing - Minute Physics is a series of one-minute movies about some of the coolest bits of physics. Very entertaining and accessible (two of the most important things science should strive to become). ♥
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Because hey, I worked as an operational forecaster for a while, there:

This is going to be a big one. Check here to see if your region is likely to be affected, and what type of severe weather to expect.

Note that, if you live in south-central Nebraska, there is a 45% chance that a tornado will occur within 25 miles of your position. This is extreme - to put that into perspective, major outbreaks typically present with a 10% probability. Odds are also good that the tornadoes that form will be EF-2 or higher, which means winds of upwards of 180 km/h (and I wouldn't be surprised if they break 300 km/h for an EF-5 or two). Straight-line winds between 50 and 65 kt are also a concern along a band to the east as the squall line develops, though really extreme (>65 kt) straight-line winds aren't expected. In terms of hail, the same region as for tornadoes is likely to see hail larger than 2 inches in diameter (in some cases, much larger) - to put that into perspective, one-inch hail is the size of a quarter. Picture someone standing on a tall building flinging quarters down at you. Now picture someone standing on a tall building flinging rock-solid grapefruits at you. Yeah.

If you're in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, western Iowa or Missouri, or just east of the Texas panhandle, keep an especially close eye on the weather today. Stormy weather is indeed a possibility across much of this region, so if you find yourself just outside the warning areas, stay alert.

The possibility of major loss of life today is high - there are lots of well-populated cities in the path of this weather. Keep emergency supplies on hand and don't take chances when it comes to taking shelter. If you're out stormchasing or trying to get pictures (...I really, really hope you're not), stay the heck away from cities, go the heck home if it starts getting dark, obey traffic laws, and do not under any circumstances leave your car in a position to block the path of emergency vehicles. Remember that while we don't warn for lightning, it's not something to mess around with - the risk of lightning persists up to 30 minutes after a storm has passed (the "bolt from the blue" is a real phenomenon).

Convective initiation has begun and a tornado watch is already in place over Kansas - a watch means that conditions are favourable for tornadoes to develop in this specific region, whereas a warning means that tornadoes are currently on the ground, or will be within the next fifteen or so minutes. If you'd like to monitor the situation (and watch live streams from chasers in the region), visit this site.

What to do if a tornado is headed your way:

In a house:
- If you have a proper storm shelter (or have access to one - the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma has a massively reinforced auditorium-sized shelter that it opens to the public when those sirens start blaring, and yes, you can bring your pets), go.
- If you have a basement that is completely underground, go.
- If you have a basement that is partially underground, find a spot as far from the windows as possible, and if it seems likely that said windows will break, find something solid like a mattress to hide under to shield yourself from debris.
- If you do not have a basement, find a room with no walls connected to the outside world and stay low. If you don't have such a room, find the one with the smallest windows (usually the bathroom), stay low to the ground as far from the windows as possible (say, the bathtub), and drag a mattress over you to shield yourself from debris.

In an apartment:
- If you're on an upper floor, get down. If your building has a laundry room or some similar common area, stay low, stay away from the windows, and shield yourself. Note that unlike hurricanes, where people tend to take shelters in large, wide-open spaces, tornado shelters should be small and cramped to minimize the area where debris can fly around. A small closet or something similar is also acceptable. Just drag that mattress along and hide under it to shield yourself from debris.
- If you're on an upper floor and there is no common area downstairs, and there is a truly dangerous situation occurring, knock on doors. Tell people there's a storm coming (they should know at this point), explain that you're from an upper floor, and ask whether you can take shelter with them, if they have a room with no windows.
- If you're on the lowest floor and have a room with no windows, see the description of what to do in a similar situation in a house.
- If you're on the lowest floor and don't have a room with no windows, find a hallway (generally connecting the apartments) and bunker down there. Again, your mattress is your friend.

In an auditorium or a stadium:
- Get. Out. Find a sheltered room downstairs somewhere (they should open these to the public, but don't rely on event planners knowing what they're doing).

In a car:
- If you see a tornado and it's far enough away, drive at right angles to the tornado to escape. Obey traffic laws, and keep in mind that others may not be as conscientious as you - the worst thing to happen is to get into a car accident with a tornado heading straight for you. If the tornado doesn't seem to be moving, keep in mind that it is likely moving directly toward you.
- If outrunning is not an option, the best possible thing to do is to abandon your car (at least pull onto the shoulder so you don't cause a pile-up), get far enough away that it won't roll on you, and lie flat in the ditch. This reduces your odds of getting struck by lightning or hit by debris, but you have to keep in mind that flash flooding is a possibility with these things - be prepared to move if the ditch fills suddenly with water.
- DO NOT, repeat DO NOT seek shelter under an underpass. Never. Never ever. It can cause a wind tunnel, debris can still blow underneath, and what's more, you're highly increasing the odds of blocking traffic, including emergency vehicles. DO NOT SEEK SHELTER UNDER AN UNDERPASS. You're in even greater danger, and you're putting others in danger at the same time.

In an open field:
- The rule is to stay low to avoid being hit by lightning or debris. If you're in a wooded area, get out - those trees will become projectiles. Do not go to you car - it can become a projectile, too.

Wherever you are:
- Watch the radar. Listen for warnings and tornado sirens. Have an emergency plan in place. Stay safe.
- Once these storms are really up and running, strong winds will be running a considerable distance ahead of the storm itself, so you can take a sudden massive gust as a sign to seek shelter. The storm may have a circular or "mothership" look to it due to strong rotation. Also keep in mind that these are likely to be high-precipitation supercells, so any tornadoes could be wrapped in rain or hail and be very difficult to see. Trust the warnings.

Please, stay safe and pay attention to what's happening. Don't underestimate the destructive power of these storms.

Edit: The first tornado warnings have been issued, near Concordia, KS
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Title: Paradigm Shift (2/2)
Word Count: 7,500 total
Characters: Ashley Williams, Garrus Vakarian, Liara T'Soni
Rating: T (violence, language)
Notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] rivendellrose for the excellent beta!
Spoilers: Set early in the first game.

Summary: Today's forecast: Thunderstorms, with a chance of giant killer space worms. Tomorrow: Partly cloudy.

Part 1
Part 2 )
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Title: Paradigm Shift (1/2)
Word Count: 7,500 total
Characters: Ashley Williams, Garrus Vakarian, Liara T'Soni
Rating: T (violence, language)
Notes: Many thanks to [personal profile] rivendellrose for the excellent beta!
Spoilers: Set early in the first game.

Summary: Today's forecast: Thunderstorms, with a chance of giant killer space worms. Tomorrow: Partly cloudy.

Part 1 )
Part 2
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This is a looong shot, since I think only one or two of you may know this fandom, but I just got around to polishing up a Mass Effect fic that's been sitting at 99% completion on my hard drive for, what, almost a year? (At some point I should just go through and post all the 99%-complete fics I can find - there are about twenty of them, heh.) I just realized it wasn't jossed by anything in ME3, so I figure it's probably postable, and may get some of this Mass Effecting out of my system.

The fic takes place early in the first game and is 100% spoiler-free. It's action/adventure genfic with lots of banter, featuring Ashley, Liara, and Garrus on a Mako mission that keeps going wrong. It's also about 7,500 words long, although I'm considering splitting it into three little chapters for dramatic effect. Mostly it's just the new-fandom jitters talking, and I'd love to get some help with characterization, but I'm also a little rusty when it comes to writing plot, so I'd appreciate any advice on that front before I dive back into Chasm.

If you're willing to do this, Mass Effect fans on my flist, I will make you a lovely picspam/gifspam of your favourite character. And shower you with virtual cookies. And feed your fish while you're out saving the universe.
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Back to Part Two (in which the best dialogue wheel of the game is discovered, Shepard has a fan club, and our heroes hold the line)

A Picspam Recap of Mass Effect - Part 3 (in which lots and lots and lots of things explode) )

Well, if you stuck with me through all that, you deserve a cookie or something. Now you're about as prepared for Mass Effect 2 as you possibly could be without playing the game yourself! If you get a chance, though, please let Hathur99 on YouTube know how awesome they are for putting together these excellent game playlists. Without those playthroughs, there's no way this post would've ever come about.

And here's the requisite link: Episode 1 of Mass Effect 2. (As you might expect, there are spoilers in the comments of some episodes.) Enjoy!
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Here's a thing I forgot to post this weekend:

After making my last Mass Effect post, I came across Hathur99's YouTube channel, which contains an awesome cinematic plot-based playthrough of all three games (Mass Effect 3 currently in progress) for those who may be interested in the story and fandom but aren't big on the gaming - with most of the battle scenes cut out, the games run much more like a movie or TV show. And as it turns out, the first game doesn't scan so well in this movie format - it's a fun game, but free-form exploratory stuff doesn't keep the plot moving very well. Since ME2 and ME3 do translate extremely well into movie/TV form, I figured I'd do a quick summary of the first game for folks who might want to jump straight into the playthrough for game two, which is essentially set up as a TV show with seventy-four 10-to-20-minute episodes. There are also a lot of familiar voices in ME2 that also might be a bit of a draw for folks - Martin Sheen! Seth Green! Shohreh Aghdashloo! Adam Baldwin! Claudia Black! Tricia Helfer! Carrie-Anne Moss! Michael Dorn! Armin Shimerman! Other folks I am probably forgetting! C'mon, all those exclamation points can't be wrong. And it has a really killer first eight minutes.

This also might be helpful for folks who want to start by playing Mass Effect 2 (either because of easier availability or because of the more streamlined gameplay). Or for folks like me, who kinda forgot the entire plot of the first game for a while, there.

Okay, okay, I'm mostly doing this because I enjoy creating humorous write-ups/picspams to poke fun at my favourite fandoms. In case you, y'know, hadn't noticed that about me. I know I hide that tendency well.

Warning: Each of the following posts contains about 30-40 entertaining screencaps. Abandon hope, all dial-up users who enter here.

A Picspam Recap of Mass Effect - Part 1 (in which the Normandy has a perfectly ordinary shakedown cruise, creepy nightmare visions are had, and hey, killer robot zombies, those are always fun) )

On to Part Two (in which the best dialogue wheel of the game is discovered, Shepard has a fan club, and our heroes hold the line)
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Because I do these for all my fandoms, eventually, have The Epic Mass Effect Introduction Post! Mass Effect was sort of my gateway gaming experience, and I finally got into it after seeing a post on my flist, so hey, maybe someone else is just waiting for an excuse?

Okay, and also I wanted to do something geeky for Pi Day. Happy 3/14! Well, belatedly, because it took me longer to write this up than anticipated.

Mass Effect is a trilogy of sci-fi games for the Xbox, PS3, and the PC (I've only played the PC versions of all three) - the first came out in 2007, the second in 2010, and the third just came out last week. It's produced by Bioware, a Canadian video game developer that I first heard about via its employees doing an awesome smack-down of someone on the forums complaining about the same-sex romance options in their games. So that's a plus. (Note for Dragon Age players: yeah, Mass Effect does better than nearly any other sci-fi game I've encountered when it comes to acknowledging the existence of queer and/or female gamers, but that's not saying much. Expect a bit of a step backwards on that front, though the games do eventually stagger into the 21st/22nd century.)

Logistics-wise, Mass Effect is a cross between an RPG and a shooter, with its primary focus being interactive storytelling. Being someone who rarely has the patience for RPGs, and who finds shooters boring as heck, the way I latched onto this game surprised me. Generally speaking, you wander around the universe in a more-or-less free-form exploratory way, you stumble across plots, and you eventually find your way back to the overarching story. Whereas most games would have dialogue cutscenes between battles, the Mass Effect games keep it interactive throughout - so you can decide how your character responds to any given query, probe for more information, be sarcastic or sympathetic or totally uninterested, have your character get romantically involved, and occasionally make massive, galaxy-shaking decisions. Those decisions (and your user-created character) carry over from game to game, and affect your gaming experience in a variety of ways. Essentially, the game adapts to your decisions.

So it's up to you: should you be someone who upholds the law at all costs? Someone who does whatever it takes to get the job done? Someone who spends all their time (and credits) buying new fish for their fish tank? The choice is yours!

(This is a more-or-less spoiler-free intro! That took some doing, let me tell you.)

The Epic Mass Effect Introduction Post, or: what the heck have I been on about this past week )

Okay, for all the gentle mockery up there, I really do think this is a seriously impressive trilogy of games - especially given its sometimes self-deprecating sense of humor - and I'd be thrilled to see more friends giving it a shot. Don't take it from me - the first game had great reviews, the second won Game of the Year, and the latest game in the series has received perfect scores from something like 50 big-name reviewers, so far. Bioware is pretty darn good when it comes to listening to the fans and making the right changes. So if you've ever wanted to tool around the galaxy in your own ship, now's your chance!

But, you know, make sure you have the time. It took me a while to get into the first game, but without even realizing it, I got completely sucked in. Even if you just blast through and only do the main plots and ignore most conversations, you're still looking at about 60 hours for all three games. Taking your time, it's more like 100 hours (it's like... three seasons of a TV show). And because of all the decision trees, there's a ton of replay value. And ME3 has a new multiplayer mode that's a lot of fun as well. And there's the downloadable content for extra gameplay. Er. Yeah. It's a lot of great stuff.

The cool thing is that the first two games are often on sale via Steam (all you have to do is install the Steam platform, find the game you want, make the purchase, and it's yours to download whenever you want - I often have to uninstall and reinstall due to disk space issues, and I've never run into trouble). I got the first and second games for $15 total. Given how many hours of awesome that works out to, that's a pretty sweet deal. Full-price, they're $20 each, which is still a fantastic deal. The third game just came out, so it's still expensive (and only available to download via Origin, which is EA's answer to Steam), about $60, but it should come down in price fairly soon.

And with that, I will finally stop typing. Whew. If you know folks who might be interested in the game, feel free to send them here! If you're already a fan and have spotted the many mistakes I've made in this post, please do point them out. Or just point and laugh. That works, too.

I should go.
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The scene where Cordelia sits Kou and Drou down to talk about Kareen and Mark. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THESE CHARACTERS. Um. Yes.

Spoilers and quotespamming )
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The thing I love most about the Vorkosigan books, I think, is the occasional blindsiding by moments of absolutely priceless hilarity. Liveried Vorkosigan Vomit Bugs, oh man. Best. Dinner party. Ever. And by "best" I mean, of course, poor Miles, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as watching such a meticulously well-meaning but ultimately doomed-to-failure plan go completely to hell in the most hilarious ways possible. "An ominous, blighted we-will-discuss-this-later silence fell." "Vorkosigan-liveried vomit bugs. Vorkosigan-liveried vomit bugs all over Vorbarr Sultana." And Miles rather desperately plying everyone with lots and lots of wine.

And then I am torn between "Aww, poor Miles" and "But seriously, serves you right". Gah. I love these books.

I absolutely died at "How had he rehearsed this vitally-important, utterly-critical meeting, again? 'Mother, Father, let me introduce—she's getting away!'" And kittens. I love the kittens. Every sci-fi epic should include kittens.

And in all that chaos and silliness, you get the explosive payoff for several subplots that have been churning away over the course of the last few novels. Color me impressed.

Okay okay okay. Back to reading. Usual disclaimer applies: no spoilers past this point, please! I am having far too much fun with these books.
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Title: Chasm (2/4)
Word Count: 10,000 (this chapter) | 16,000 (story thus far)
Characters: John Watson, Sally Donovan, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade, Ella Thompson, Mycroft Holmes
Rating: T
Notes: Huge thanks to [personal profile] rosa_acicularis for the fantastic beta and brainstorming.
Spoilers: Through The Reichenbach Fall.

Summary: Everyone has a grieving process. John's just happens to involve subterfuge, conspiracies, and violence.

Links: Chapter One
Chapter Two )


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