Mar. 19th, 2012

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Here's a thing I forgot to post this weekend:

After making my last Mass Effect post, I came across Hathur99's YouTube channel, which contains an awesome cinematic plot-based playthrough of all three games (Mass Effect 3 currently in progress) for those who may be interested in the story and fandom but aren't big on the gaming - with most of the battle scenes cut out, the games run much more like a movie or TV show. And as it turns out, the first game doesn't scan so well in this movie format - it's a fun game, but free-form exploratory stuff doesn't keep the plot moving very well. Since ME2 and ME3 do translate extremely well into movie/TV form, I figured I'd do a quick summary of the first game for folks who might want to jump straight into the playthrough for game two, which is essentially set up as a TV show with seventy-four 10-to-20-minute episodes. There are also a lot of familiar voices in ME2 that also might be a bit of a draw for folks - Martin Sheen! Seth Green! Shohreh Aghdashloo! Adam Baldwin! Claudia Black! Tricia Helfer! Carrie-Anne Moss! Michael Dorn! Armin Shimerman! Other folks I am probably forgetting! C'mon, all those exclamation points can't be wrong. And it has a really killer first eight minutes.

This also might be helpful for folks who want to start by playing Mass Effect 2 (either because of easier availability or because of the more streamlined gameplay). Or for folks like me, who kinda forgot the entire plot of the first game for a while, there.

Okay, okay, I'm mostly doing this because I enjoy creating humorous write-ups/picspams to poke fun at my favourite fandoms. In case you, y'know, hadn't noticed that about me. I know I hide that tendency well.

Warning: Each of the following posts contains about 30-40 entertaining screencaps. Abandon hope, all dial-up users who enter here.

A Picspam Recap of Mass Effect - Part 1 (in which the Normandy has a perfectly ordinary shakedown cruise, creepy nightmare visions are had, and hey, killer robot zombies, those are always fun) )

On to Part Two (in which the best dialogue wheel of the game is discovered, Shepard has a fan club, and our heroes hold the line)
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Back to Part Two (in which the best dialogue wheel of the game is discovered, Shepard has a fan club, and our heroes hold the line)

A Picspam Recap of Mass Effect - Part 3 (in which lots and lots and lots of things explode) )

Well, if you stuck with me through all that, you deserve a cookie or something. Now you're about as prepared for Mass Effect 2 as you possibly could be without playing the game yourself! If you get a chance, though, please let Hathur99 on YouTube know how awesome they are for putting together these excellent game playlists. Without those playthroughs, there's no way this post would've ever come about.

And here's the requisite link: Episode 1 of Mass Effect 2. (As you might expect, there are spoilers in the comments of some episodes.) Enjoy!


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