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[Mass Effect] Home Fires Burning Masterpost

Written for Mass Effect Big Bang 2012.

Title: Home Fires Burning
Word Count: 26,000
Characters: Hilary Moreau, Aeian T'Goni, Solana Vakarian, Lantar Sidonis, Garrus Vakarian, Liara T'Soni, Donnel Udina, Dehkarr, Jeff "Joker" Moreau
Rating: T
Warnings: Canon character death, violence
Spoilers: ME3, from start to finish.

Summary: Khar'shan, Tiptree, Citadel, Palaven, Earth. Five tales from the Reaper War. This is the way the worlds end.

Author's Notes: Huge thanks to both my artist MaxwellDemon and my wonderful beta [personal profile] arcanelegacy. Getting to explore some of the lesser-known stories of this universe was a fantastic experience – I hope you enjoy reading the fic as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Prologue: Freefall
Night Winds: 1. Endings
Night Winds: 2. Beginnings
Interlude: Sympathy for the Devil
Steel and Shadows: 1. Past Continuous
Steel and Shadows: 2. Present Tense
Steel and Shadows: 3. Future Imperfect
Epilogue: Just Like New Times

Also available at:
(LJ) | (AO3)
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Waaaaaah Must. Finish. Mass Effect. Games. So I can read fic.